Addie’s Take: Jan 1-Feb 17

Recently I was on the paddle board and Mom said it was time to come in and do school work. I said there is more to life than just school. For example, there is the environment and spending time with family.  What I meant was I wish I could have more time to do other stuff that doesn’t involve school. Things like playing with the dogs, swimming, paddle boarding and connecting with friends on Snapchat, Instagram or in person. I also like to collect shells, swim off the back of the boat with Caper and go into town because it means I get to get off the boat and be on land for a while.  I will keep doing school because school is very important. I also want to go to college someday, get a job, and go off to live with a friend or on my own.

PS: This is not the original version of this entry. When I first wrote this blog entry my interests were not as wide as they are now. For those of you who know me, you can appreciate that I did not mention time on my IPad. My Mom and Dad say maybe I am coming out of the teenage funk?

Me, Mom, Dad and Caper on the paddle-board.

Don and Mel came to stay on the boat for a week in January. This was my Birthday week. I turned 16. We picked them up from this really cool fancy marina called Yacht Haven Grande. It had a really nice pool and shops. Mom and I got to have a “girls day” before Don and Mel came on the boat.

Girls Day

On their first morning we went to the pool before we left the marina. The water was really cold. They said they needed it because of the night before? Our first stop was Caneel Bay, where we went snorkeling and sat on the beach. For dinner we went to ZOZOs and had a progressive fine dining meal. It was great having Cheesecake again. I missed having Cheesecake.

Me eating Cheesecake.
Me,Mom and Dad at ZoZo’s

Next, we went to Maho Bay. I went paddle-boarding with Mel, where we were looking for turtles. We did not see many turtles though, or sharks. We did have a lot of fun.

Me and Mel on turtle spotting.

We went to Coral Bay for my birthday. Dad made me a big birthday breakfast. I got to have a day off of school and play on my IPad instead. When Mom, Dad, Mel and Don went to the taco boat, Limeout, I stayed on the boat and watched the dogs. I don’t like tacos and that’s all they have. Dad made my favorite for dinner – Shrimp Fried Rice.

My Big Birthday breakfast Dad made me.
Birthday Dinner
Vanilla cake with chocolate mousse

We went to Hanson Bay for the night. The next day we went to Dittlyf. When we were at Dittlyf we went snorkeling and had a beach day twice because Don was working.

We then went to Little St. James and had pizza from Pizza Pi (it is a boat where they make pizza). The next day we went snorkeling in my favorite spot for the week which is on Little St. James.

Enjoying a day at the beach.

Then it was back to the marina. The four adults went out and I watched the dogs. When I was watching the dogs, Caper got up on the table even though I was sitting on the couch beside him.

The next day we had to take Don and Mel to the airport to say goodbye. We were sad to see them go, especially Caper and Chance. They really enjoyed the extra attention from Don and Mel.  We are looking forward to seeing them again.

Caper enjoying the table.
Chance enjoying the couch.
Me and Mel enjoying our time together.

We had dinner with Kent and Kathy who made Chinese food from scratch. We had Egg Drop Soup, Egg Foo Young and Fried Rice it was a treat for me because we were still celebrating my birthday. Kent’s secret ingredients for his fried rice are bacon and ham. It was really Good! I had not tried Egg Drop Soup or Egg Foo Young before – it was great getting to try new things.   I also liked getting to celebrate my birthday with them.

Me enjoying my new Kava bag Kathy gave me.
Me, Kent and Kathy at Yacht Heaven Grande.

Recently, Caper and Chance met their long, lost cousin. Mom and Dad’s boat friends, Jake and Stephanie (Dreamcatcher), adopted a puppy. Parker is a Portuguese Water Dog. He is 11 weeks old. When Parker came on our boat Chance was jealous of him because he was stealing all the attention. When Chance got jealous of Parker, Caper was having a deja vu moment. He was  remembering when we brought Chance home and how he felt when he first came into his life. Caper was like, Whatever, about Parker and didn’t care or notice him as much as Chance did. Caper is not as threatened by other dogs and knows how to find his own spotlight.

Chance trying to ignore Parker.
Dad petting Parker while Stephanie is telling Chance, “It is ok, Parker will be leaving soon.”

One night before I went to bed I thought of five things that make me happy. I wanted to share with you the 5 things that make me really happy. They are: 

1. Playing with the dogs especially swimming with Caper

2. Spending time with Mom and Dad and their boat friends

3. spending time with my boat friends and mountain friends

4. Eating my favorite foods which include bacon, eggs, sausage, any type of potatoes, pancakes and orange juice

5. Diving into a different world by book or by screen. 

It was really interesting to think about five things that make me happy. I challenge you to do the same.

Swimming with Dad and Caper is wonderful.

I went to Kent and Kathy’s boat, WindEnsemble, for game night. Kent and Kathy had Kathy’s sister Barbara and brother in-law Jeff visiting on their boat.  I am trying to do other stuff besides getting on my iPad like interacting with other people, trying new hobbies, learning new tricks, getting involved in more boat chores, projects and spending more time with the dogs. We played Mexican Train Dominoes. Kathy didn’t understand how to play Mexican Train Dominoes; so I figured I would make a version called Mexican Boat Dominoes where the playing pieces are boats and the dominoes make their way to different anchorages. Turns out I can have a really good sense of humor, can get drunk on life and I am really fun to be around.  I had a fun time last night playing Mexican Train Dominoes.

I also learned to play the Cups game. Thanks Kathy.

Addie’s Take: Nov 4-Dec 29

Goodbye Grenada and Hello USVI

We took off from Grenada and started sailing over to the USVI. The trip was long (2 1/2 days) but no one got seasick. I found it a little boring because it was nonstop moving and there was no internet.  I could only watch downloaded movies like The Sound of Music and American Girl or listen to downloaded music like The Sound of Music soundtrack and some Disney songs. On the bright side, I got to skip school.

Some flying fish came up on the boat one night – there were seven of them. Caper brought one to the back of the boat. Mom found it and got rid of it. Caper then went to the front of the boat and ate one of the other fish. Caper’s breath and the back of the boat smelled like fish. We were glad when we anchored at St. Croix, USVI because that meant our passage was over.

The flying fish that landed on our boat.

One of the sunsets we saw on our passage to the USVI.

A visit to North Carolina

We went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. We went to the airport and flew on an airplane. It has been a year since we’ve been on an airplane. When we arrived in North Carolina we got to see Makenzie and Ella at Basil’s restaurant for dinner. The next day we went with Makenzie and Ella to get tattoos. I just sat and watched while everyone else got a tattoo because I’m not old enough to get a tattoo yet.

I had my friend Kelsey over for to hang out at our vrbo apartment. After Kelsey’s visit, we went over to my friend Brendan’s house and had dinner with his family.

I got to hang out with Makenzie and Ella while mom and dad went to see their friends. I also went to youth group and helped them shop for a family who can’t afford Christmas.

We then stayed at my Grandma’s house and had Thanksgiving there. We also took our friend’s Don and Mel to Booneshine Brewery. We did not get to see Grandma in Virginia unfortunately. We did get to see my Grandad and Nana, though!

We all flew on an airplane to Florida, got covid tests, and stayed at Margaritaville Resort until our test results came in. We all tested negative! We then went back on the airplane and flew back to the USVIs.  It was great getting to see friends again and it was nice being in North Carolina and Florida for a little while. I had a fun time visiting friends and where we used to live.

Me at Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving.

Me and Makenzie, she was crying because she was happy to see me.

I finally got my Bojangles bo-rounds, french fries and sweet tea!
Nothing makes me happier!

At the beach Florida having a fun time, except in warm clothes, ugh, disgusting being cold!

Not so cold that I couldn’t water-slide at the Margaritiville pool and boogie board!

Jaxson’s ice cream, Grandma would love this place!

Winter Break

When we got back to the boat, we had the girls Makenzie and Ella with us. Ella and I shared a room and Makenzie got the laundry room. We went to get Caper and Chance from Paradise Paws, which is where they stayed while we were gone.  They jumped in the car. They were ready to go.

We went to Brewer’s Bay because Makenzie and Ella had exams and we needed to make sure they had good internet. I swam with Makenzie and saw lots of turtles. From there we went to Buck Island and had a sunken ship under our boat.

Next, we went to Christmas Cove where we snorkeled and had Pizza Pi (which was pizza and ice cream delivered to your boat). We left Christmas Cove to go Honeymoon Beach in Caneel Bay which is where we anchored to be near Cruz Bay. We went to Cruz Bay to go shopping and exploring. We also went to Bikini’s Beach Bar. I swam around the boat with Caper.

The next day, we went to Maho Bay where we saw more turtles and a shark. We also went to the Paddle Up Beach Bar. We left Maho to go to Water Lemon which is where we hiked up to Annenberg Sugar Mill.  The girls had not been here before. We left Water Lemon to go to Flannigan Island, which is it’s own island in the Caribbean. We had all to ourselves. We snorkeled there.

For Mom’s birthday we were at Coral Bay and had tacos at the taco boat called, Lime Out. I did not have a taco, but I did have grilled shrimp. We also explored the town of Coral Bay which is a really neat small town with lots of art.

We then went to Ditleff to snorkel and look for octopus. We are able to take the dogs to the beach here and they love it. I tried out my early Christmas present which was a prescription mask.

When Christmas Eve and Christmas Day came we went to Lovango Cay where we swam in the pool and ate at the restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner. Then it was time to head back to Crown Bay Marina. Best thing about being at the marina, Scoops and Brews because it has ice cream milkshakes, smoothies, coffee, etc.. We also had Jessie and a couple of other men work on our boat. When it was finally time to say goodbye to Makenzie and Ella and mom cried and dad held back tears. Caper and Chance were also sad that Makenzie and Ella left; they had a fun time with them. Caper and Chance are not the only ones who had a fun time with Makenzie and Ella. I had a fun time with Makenzie and Ella on the boat and hope they will come visit again soon.

Check out cool dog Chance in the house.

Mom playing with Caper and Chance on the grass fields that lead up to the lighthouse on Buck Island.

Me and Makenzie getting ready to go swimming.

Me and Ella at Tap’n Still.

Me, Makenzie and Ella at Tap’n Still.

Me and Mom at Annenburg Sugar Mill.

Me and my sisters in bed with the dogs. The dogs are picking their favorites. I’m Capers favorite and Chances favorites are Makenzie and Ella.

Having fun!

Mom’s 50th birthday. Wow she is so old JK.

Chilling with Caper on the Paddleboard.

Hanging out with Caper and Chance – we peeped our heads through the hatch to say hi.

Christmas day present time!

We are hanging out at Lovango Resort pool for Christmas Day.

I touched a bird at Margaritaville Resort on St. Thomas.

I wonder what Caper and Chance would think of this?

Addie’s Take :Oct 1-Nov 3

We went to the Grenada Chocolate Museum and saw how chocolate was made and the history of chocolate.

There is a bean called the Cacao bean which is the source of both Cacao and Coca supplies. Cacao refers to the uncooked form of chocolate. When the cacao beans are roasted, they are then called Cocoa beans. There are three types of beans: Forastero, Criollo, and Trinitario. 

Forastero means foreigner in Spanish. It tastes like a mild chocolate flavor unsupported by any secondary flavors. It is a fast growing tree with a high yield. It is very resistant to disease.  It is the most commonly grown bean significantly hardier and of higher yield than Criollo.

Criollo’s origin is the Amazon. It is primarily cultivated in West Africa, Ivory Coast, and Ghana. Criollo means native in Spanish. It has a complex taste which can include flavors of caramel, nuts, vanilla and tobacco.  It is resistant towards disease. It is the rarest and most expensive cocoa on the market. It represents 5% of all the cocoa beans grown in the world. Its origin is Mexico. It is primarily cultivated in Central America.

The Trinitario bean is a natural hybrid of Criollo and Forastero. It is considered a fine flavor bean with notes ranging from spicy to earthy to highly acidic. It has fragile trees with low yield. It produces good grade cocoa with premium flavor. Its origin is the accidental cross fertilization of Criollo and Forastero trees in Trinidad  around 1730. It is primarily cultivated in Grenada, Venezuela, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

The Cacao trees only grow within 20 degrees of the equator.

We also explored the shop and drank Chocolate drinks from the bakery. Mom and Dad had Chocolate Tea and I had Hot Chocolate which is more of a morning drink they way they make it. It was fun to explore the history of Chocolate and how it is made and about how Grenada plays a big role in making Chocolate.   

Grenada has a long and intresting history chocolate harvesting throughout the years in Grenada.
Grenada has a lot of facts on the type of chocolate beans. called Criollo and Forastero.

Recently, I gave my dogs, Caper and Chance nicknames: Chatterbox and Lucky.

Caper has a lot to say. Caper talks a lot like a Chatterbox would, especially when he is sitting down, when it is time to eat and when he wants pets. He usually sounds grumpy. He makes a grumpy noise that sounds like a groan. He talks to us about a lot of things. He is also very expressive. When we come home he has a big smile on his face.

I named Chance Lucky because of how many mishaps he has had. Lucky is a good name for him because even though he has had a lot of surgeries and injuries he has been lucky and survived them all. Now he’s back to his normal Chance self doing crazy things like playing with Caper, playing ball at the beach, chasing Caper around the boat, and of course howling and singing when we are away until we come home.

Caper and Chance are tired and say it’s bedtime.
Caper and Chance are cuddling together.

We hauled our boat out on Tuesday October 27th at Clarkes Court Marina in Grenada.

Mom and Dad took the boat to be lifted out of the water. The boat got lifted out of the water by a lifting machine and then moved with a towing machine. The machine had straps on it that went under the boat to pick it up. 

Our boat Aventis about to be lifted up on to the machine and hauled out of the water.

I watched the dogs, Caper and Chance, on the shore.

I am watching Caper and Chance while the boat gets hauled out.
Our boat out of the water and on the hard. Along with our friend’s boat, Wind Ensemble.

While our boat went on the hard (which means on land), we rented a house and stayed there for a week.

It was different being in a house after being on the boat for a year. What was different about being at the house is that we had air conditioning in our bedrooms all night long and all the time. We also had unlimited water. We had a great view from our house. We got to see boats and dinghies go by in the bay below us. We also had a pool, which we tried to swim in everyday, but instead we had a lot of rain and wind.

Caper and Chance are looking out at the pool at the rental house.
The pool and the view at the rental house.

We didn’t stay at the house very long. We left on Wednesday, November 4. They put the boat back in the water and we started preparing for sailing up to the USVI. Hopefully we are going up to North Carolina for Thanksgiving.

Addie’s Take: Aug 10-Sept 24

For anyone who knows my dog Chance, this won’t be a surprise, Chance had another mishap. It happened when we were meeting some other boaters at an uninhabited island. Chance caught himself on the hook of the sunshade when he was going to greet guests that dinghied up to our boat. The hook caught on the inside of his leg and pulled his skin away from his muscle. When it happened Chance howled in pain but there was no blood. The next morning when Mom and Dad took Caper and Chance to the beach, they did not know he had air pockets in his leg. He came out of the water with sea water in his leg and underbelly. He had filled like a balloon. We went two hours by boat back to Paradise Beach to get Chance to the animal hospital in Carriacou. There were three lady veterinarians that volunteer at the clinic, that took care of Chance. He had surgery to put in drains for the sea water and stitches to hold them in. He had to wear a cone on his head to make sure he did not pull the drains and stitches out. We also put a shirt on him to cover up his wounds. Chance has had 7 surgeries in 6 years. My dog Chance is a mess.

This is Chance with the cone on his head and drains in his belly.
This is Chance in Surgery.
This is Chance with his shirt on.

Once Chance was better and we could leave him alone, we went to the Japanese Steakhouse at Carib Sushi, which is a restaurant in Grenada. We invited Kent and Kathy to come with us. I ordered shrimp, vegetable fried rice and vegetables. Dad ordered chicken, vegetable fried rice and vegetables. Mom ordered steak, vegetable fried rice and vegetables. Kathy had shrimp and Kent had tuna. The chef came and cooked the food for us. He wanted me to touch the fire on his hand. I was hesitant but then I touched the fire. The presentation was so cool and fascinating. He did a lot of cool tricks, like he spelled I love you with the egg, rice and veggies. The food was delicious and it was a really fun experience. It was like Makotos (which is a Japanese Steakhouse in Boone, NC) and not like Makotos at the same time. It was like Makotos because they had a room where you order and eat sushi and a room where they make the food for you at your table. It is not like Makotos because the broth is made of seafood, not chicken. Another difference is that it is on an island in the Caribbean and not in a small town in the US.

The chef spelling out the words I love you.
Me trying to touch the fire without hesitating.

When we arrived back at Port Louis Marina (we have some broken things that need to get fixed), I made some new friends. Addison Roberts (Dragonfly),  Grace and Cameron (Kraken),  Kat (Somni), and her best friend Kiera, Zoey and Tanner (Dorothy Rose.) I met Grace and Cameron on our first day back at the marina. I met Addison when she first came to the boat and we listened to Taylor Swift music. I met Kat, Kiera, Guila, Ariana, Zoey and Zoey’s big sister Ali at the pool. I joined a book club with Addison, Grace, Guila, Ariana, Kat and Zoey. I hung out with them on Addison’s boat and we played Charades. I also hung out with them on Tanner’s boat and watched my first Zombie Apocalypse movie. I went to Le Phare Bleu Marina for the teen activity and the movie Mulan but then I saw my friends there and decided to hang out with them instead. We played games, chilled and ate. I brought the snacks, of course. We had french fries and chips. We also raided the popcorn machine and went swimming. Some of us played BS, which is a card game. I also hung-out with Grace and Addison at night a couple of times. One night I had Grace and Addison over on our boat. It’s nice to have new friends even though I miss my old friends. I always have a fun time hanging out with them. I hope to be able to hang out with them some more. They are really nice people and I’m glad I met them.

This me and my friends at La Phere Bleu celebrating Brooke’s birthday.
This is me and my friends on Tanner’s boat.

Mom and I went to an Afternoon Tea; it was a girls only thing. Dad and Kevin (from Pisces) felt left out. It was a beautiful place. We had a tour of the gardens, drank blue tea and ate cakes. We even ate a victoria sponge. The Tower Estate is called the Downton Abbey of Grenada. They have one and a half acres of tropical gardens. Victoria gave us a tour of the gardens. She has been caring for the gardens for 32 years. It was really cool seeing the flowers in the garden and drinking blue tea. One of the flowers is called Butterfly Pea (picture below) and it is what they use to make the tea blue. I have not had formal tea since second grade. We used china cups and a china teapot. It was very formal. Our host, Isabel, told us that the estate was built in 1913. The husband built it for his wife but she did not want to live there. She left him. Isabel’s grandparents bought the house at an auction in the 1950’s and her family has lived there ever since. We went with a couple of women we knew from the marina and some we didn’t know. Renee from Texas Crewed organized it. It was an experience I will never forget.

Fun girls day with mom.

Addie’s Take: July 15-Aug 5

On July 17 we were anchored in Prickly Bay which is on the south side of Grenada. We got to go to the St George’s University Club at Prickly Bay where there was a pool. In order for us to go and use the club we had to do a lot of talking since it was closed to the public because it’s usually for faculty and staff only.  They made an exception for us. It was worth it. We ate and drank there. I got a coke while everybody else got an adult beverage. I searched for the menu and the amenities on the internet. It was fun being at the university club pool. We had it all to ourselves. It was like having our own private resort. The staff were very friendly and humorous. They told us we had to check out by 4:30 but then they let us stay longer because we were such good company. They have been pretty lonely since the university is closed.

A few days later we went to Ronde Island, an uninhabited island, because we are making our way to Carriacou.  There are three inhabited islands we can be on now that we are checked into Grenada. They are Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. We spent four nights at Ronde. This island only has a few vacation homes on it, no one lives here full time. The island is for sale for $100 million! The most expensive island for sale in the world! We took the dogs to the beach and let them swim and play ball. They loved it. We went around the other side of the island to check out Palm Tree Beach. We decided not to beach the dinghy because the swells were big and it was not safe. One of the nights we had a beach barbecue with Patrick and Rita (Bella) as well as Shirley and David (Maeva).  Shirley is French Canadian and David is Portuguese but can also speak French. David does not speak a lot of English.  We are teaching him while he is trying to teach us some Portuguese. Maeva brought their grill over to the beach for the barbecue. We cooked hotdogs, pork chaps, sausage, fish and shrimp. Plus we had rice. When we were at the barbecue, Caper and Chance made a new friend named Zeus who is a Yorkshire Terrier who weighs 5 pounds. This was the first time we had done a beach barbecue from our boat. It was fun except for the bugs that came out at sunset and bothered us. We had to use a lot of bug spray.

We went on a tour of Carricou by taxi. We found out that Carricou had  grapes but they were not regular grapes- they were sea grapes but you can’t eat them until they are ripe and in season. The sea grapes grow by the sea so they have a salty taste. They are still poisonous for dogs except a great dane because a great dane is a huge dog, so the grapes are not as hard on their system. We saw the Princess Royal Hospital which was built up at the very top of the island to keep people with malaria isolated. We went to Indigo Well which is where the french would go to make indigo. The slaves would make indigo by taking the water from the well and using the indigo plants and making it into dye. They do not use this well to make indigo anymore.  We went to an old windmill, where the slaves from the 18-19 century would work. We went to a plantation, where they used to grow corn and peas. They have a corn festival on October 27th, where you get to try different varieties of corn. Carriacou is known for its boat building; they make boats and then race them in an event called a regatta. The islands  around Carriacou all have french names. We ate at a restaurant called Callalou which was by the beach. It reminded me of a restaurant we ate at in the Bahamas which was also by a beach. The restaurant is called Callalou because they serve Callalou. Dad did not like Callalou because it reminded him of when he had it in the oil down. Callalou is similar to spinach but it is actually a little bit sweeter than spinach. They also had cajun potatoes, which were really good and garlic shrimp.

Sea Grapes:

This is the view from the Princess Royal Hospital.
Our boat is in the far bay behind us.

This is the beach beside Callalou restaurant.

Addie’s Take: June 26-July 4

We have been exploring more of Grenada!

Recently, we went to one of the restaurants/bars at the Spice Market at Grand Anse Beach called Beach Bum with Patrick and Rita (Bella), Kevin and Mary (Pisces), Stewart and Sandra (White Wings), Chris and Jan (Sapphire), David and Eilene (Raven), as well as Kent and Kathy (Wind Ensemble). The Spice Market didn’t really have anything because of the lack of tourists on Grenada. Everyone but me had the “Oil Down” which is the national dish of Grenada. I had french fries. The Oil Down has breadfruit, which is a species of flowering seeds that the British and French brought over during the Colonial Era. It is called a breadfruit because when you cook it it is like a simple fresh baked bread but has a potato-like taste. Oil Down also has a variety of meats, vegetables and spices. What is in the stew varies by area of Grenada and family recipe. The version we ate had saffron, salt fish, goat, pork, callaloo, coconut milk and breadfruit. It is called Oil Down because it has coconut oil in it. Most people liked it, but Dad not so much. He got a burger after trying it.

This is the Oil down dish.
This is Breadfruit which was one of the ingredients in the oildown.

On Thursday we went to the West Indies Brewery. We went with a group of people from the marina. We went on a tour of the brewery and learned about the beer and cider making process. The cider making process is simple. They use apple juice concentrate and then put the yeast in to make it have alcohol since the apple juice concentrate already has sugar in it. The yeast eats the sugar and then once the process is done, they put it in the tank. They cheat with the other flavors by using special flavor packets like watermelon and pomegranate. The beer making process has five steps. The first step is they take malted barley and soak it in hot water to release the sugars. The second step is they boil the malt sugar with hops for seasoning. The third step is they cool the malt sugar and then add the yeast to begin fermentation. The fourth step is the yeast ferments the malt sugars and releases CO2 and Ethyl Alcohol. The fifth and final step is after the fermentation is complete, they bottle the beer with a little bit of added sugar to provide carbonation. Dad says the sixth step is to drink it.

I ran into my good friend Ben from Zenobia at the brewery. We hung out and played Harry Potter UNO, which is like UNO but with special rules. I also played Pool with Ben. He had to show me how to play because I haven’t played since I was at Grandad and Nana’s apartment in Charlotte two Christmas’ ago. I was a bit rusty at it. I did not try the beer or the cider, but I tried Ting and I really liked it.

This was our tour guide, Bob.
Dad loves the brewery. Dad is always smiling when he has a beer in his hand.

4th of July! Yay!!

We celebrated the fourth of July by having a gathering at Grand Anse Beach with a group of people, some from the marina and some who were on anchor. Renee’ and Gene from Texas Crewed put together and brought their mini-cat which is basically a mini catamaran. Ben from Zenobia helped them put it together and sail it to the beach from the marina.  Ben’s Dad Johannes came to the beach as well. I went on the mini-cat once with Ben, Dad and Patrick from Bella. I went again with Ben, Mom and Mary from Pisces. It was fun going on the mini-cat.  I got to help with the lines. I helped roll up the jib. What was exciting about going on the mini-cat is that it went really fast.  It reminded me of being on a speed boat at Watauga Lake which is a lake in North Carolina.

This is a picture of the mini-cat that I went on with Dad, Patrick, and Ben.
This is me reading Harry Potter at the beach.
Mom is enjoying the beach with her friends.
Dad is enjoying the beach with his friends.

We ate lunch at a restaurant called Umbrellas which is a bar and restaurant on the beach. There were food trucks as well, but I wanted to go to a restaurant with french fries and shade.

This is me on the mini-cat with Ben and Gene from Texas Crewed after we had just sailed it back from the beach to Gene’s boat.

Our dog Caper celebrated his 8th birthday today (July 4th).
Happy Birthday Caper!

Addie’s Take: June 3-June 24

We arrived in Grenada! Yay!!

We sailed away from the US Virgin Islands, and after 72 hours at sea, we got to the dock at Port Louis Marina in Grenada. We had our temperature checked and then we moved to the quarantine anchorage. This is in St. George, which is the capital of Grenada. From here everyone is put in quarantine for two weeks. This means we could not take the dogs to the beach. We could not see anybody except Patrick and Rita on Bella whose boat was close to ours.

We could not go off the boat except to swim around the boat. Everyday was the same; we were all just sitting there waiting for our two weeks to be up. I was bored but we did schoolwork, swam close to the boat and watched Downton Abbey. This is a show that takes place in the late 18- early 19 hundreds. It is about the Crawleys who live in a giant estate in Yorkshire, England. We watched it season by season. We watched Downton Abbey every night because on July 1st they are taking it off air and we wanted to finish it.

When our two weeks of quarantine were over we went to the dock at Port Louis Marina to get checked for COVID. I got my finger pricked. I tested negative. I do not have COVID.

A few days later, we went on a tour of Grenada by taxi. We went with some of our old friends from Suntex Marina in FL and some new friends from this marina. We had 13 people in our group.

One of the first things we did was learn about nutmeg and how to use all of it’s parts. We smelled and learned about other spices too. We bought some of the spices in the spice shop.

Mom, Dad, Kathy, Kent, Patrick, Rita and I next made a stop to get a drink at Mark’s bar.

We went to the rainforest reserve to try to find monkeys but didn’t see any. We then went to see the lake made by the volcano in Grand Etang Forest Reserve. This lake is where the whole island gets their water. We went to a waterfall called Annandale Waterfall where the boys jumped into the waterfall. We went to what used to be the airport but now it’s a park used for festivals. We went to a graveyard by a church and saw graves that are recent and some that date back to the early 1800’s. We were given history on the Mayflower (Christopher Columbus’ ship). The guide also showed us Leapers Hill. The Caribs jumped here and killed themselves instead of surrendering to the English settlers.

No monkeys :{
Grand Etang Lake where they get their water from.
Annandale Waterfall where we saw the boys jump.
This is the old airport which is now a park used for festivals.
This is the graveyard where we saw graves that date from the early 1800s. This is the monument for Leaper’s Hill.

It was fun getting to explore new places, learn about the spices and the history of Grenada. It was also fun watching the boys jump off the waterfall.

Addie’s Take: May 2020 Part 2

A few more things I had to share that happened in May…

Caper and Chance (my dogs) kept hassling me to write about their new friends. When we were anchored for about a month at Brewer’s Bay in St. Thomas, Caper and Chance made new friends as well, their names were Rosco and Daisy. Rosco and Daisy live on Dreamcatcher, a catamaran. Caper and Chance met Rosco and Daisy one morning when they went for a swim on the beach and had a doggy play date. Caper went swimming, Chance chased a ball out in the water, and Daisy chased a stick out in the water. Rosco didn’t do anything in the water for a while – he just greeted everyone, asked for pets, and watched. Eventually, Rosco got in the water to get the stick, but he only went in a few feet.

This is Rosco and Daisy. Rossco is the French Bulldog and Daisy is the yellow Lab
This is a picture of Caper, Chance, Rosco and Daisy playing on the beach. Caper is the gray spotted dog running by the water and Chance is the Black and White dog on the beach with a ball in his mouth.

It was great meeting Jake, Stephanie, Roscoe and Daisy! We look forward to seeing them in Grenada when they sail down in July.

We finally left St. Thomas and sailed to St. Croix!

We went to shore on St. Croix on May 29th to get some land time because it will be a long time before we are on land again. We are getting ready to sail to Grenada which will take 3 days nonstop. We went to a restaurant called Brew STX. It was the first time we got to sit down at a restaurant since COVID started.  I got french fries and they were yummy. The reason why sitting at a restaurant was such a big deal is because after we sail to Grenada, we have to stay on the boat in a two week quarantine.

This is a picture of the Restaurant that we ate at in St. Croix.
This is how they make their beer.

{Watch out folks this blog is going to turn into an advertisement.} Come one, come all to the Barina to get Snacks, Beer, Wine, Coffee, Soda, Marine Supplies, Etc … 🙂

We went to a store that wasn’t just a Marina store, but a Bar too. We got marine supplies, beer, wine, soda and Cheetos. I got diet coke and Cheetos, Dad got beer and a speargun, and Mom got wine and a tank top. We went with our friends Patrick and Rita (from Bella). This is my dad’s favorite marine supply store ever!

This is a picture of me with my Diet Coke and Cheetos that I got from the Gallows Bay Marine store, which I renamed to Barina. Hahaha!

Later that afternoon/evening, I hung out on the boat with the dogs while mom and dad went to a tiki bar and pizza place to meet with the other boaters who are also heading to Grenada the next morning.

We were only on St. Croix for one day, but really enjoyed it.
We can’t wait to come back!

Addie’s Take: May 2020

In May we made new friends…

On May 6th I got to have a real treat for dinner because ever since the restaurants closed, Dad has been cooking dinner.  Dad’s cooking is really good, but it’s nice to have someone else cook our food.  Mimi and Fabio (from Endless Summer) came over to our boat and Fabio cooked Carbonara. Dad made focaccia and salad. Fabio is Italian, he is from Rome. Mimi is from San Francisco. Fabio and Mimi go every year to his mom’s house in Italy for the olive harvest. Mom and Dad warned me there might be meat in the pasta (prosciutto) and thought I would not like it, but the truth is I have not met a pasta or french fries I did not like. Pasta and french fries are my favorite foods. French fries are my first favorite and pasta is my second favorite. I enjoyed the carbonara so much, I had seconds. It was really exciting to have dinner cooked by a true Italian.

Mimi and Fabio sharing the paddle board with Caper until he was ready to swim more.
Look at him jump!

Mimi and Fabio cooked for me again a few nights later. This time he cooked saffron risotto and Mimi cooked tiramisu. Turns out, I was up most of the night because my body is not used to caffeine (in the tiramisu); I could hardly fall asleep. It was hard figuring out how to fall asleep since the melatonin I usually take did not work. I finally figured out a way to fall asleep. I read a book on my kindle and then I put a lavender scented eye wrap over my eyes. I woke up in the morning and I was tired.

Caper was helping me do my schoolwork.

A few dayes ago I had a new experience for me. I got to do something I have never done before. I got to go lobster hunting with Mimi, Makenzie, Ella and Mom. The lobster that we tried to find is called the Caribbean Spiny Lobster. The Caribbean Spiny Lobster hides in caves and crevices during the day. They come out at twilight and dinner hours to hunt for crabs and small snails. The lobster will eat most anything it finds. The lobster’s shell looks like a skeleton. The skeleton does not expand because the exoskeleton does not expand. The lobster goes through this process called molting creating another exoskeleton in the process. The lobster population is declining. Scientists do not know if the lobsters are vulnerable to extinction or not. The lobsters are vulnerable to over fishing. People usually catch them with gloved hands because if they do not wear gloves the spine will cut their hand or they catch them with baited fishing traps. Dad  tried to catch them with the speargun but he could not get any.

Caribbean Spiny Lobster

One of our last nights in St. Thomas, Mom, Dad, Patrick, Rita, Cara,(our friends from Bella), Mimi, Fabio (Endless Summer) and I went to Bob Apfel’s house for dinner and a hangout. Bob’s house is a restored sugar plantation on St Thomas which is where they would make sugar and rum in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Bob gave us a tour of the Fortuna Plantation. The plantation is like a very nice series of cabins with many kitchens, dens, and bedrooms. It would make a good bed and breakfast. One of the outdoor rooms was a screening room which is where we watched the movie called, Where the Boys Are. This movie came out in 1960. I liked the movie. For dinner dad made steaks and Fabio made pasta with peas and mushrooms and I had a side of carrots. It was delicious but there was so much of it, that I was full. I was so full that I almost fell asleep when Bob was reading and telling about the history of his house. A famous author named John Patrick once lived there. After dinner we hiked up to Bob’s friend Louie’s house. His house was originally owned by Eleanor Heckert whose 1968 novel, Muscovado, tells the history of Bob’s house. Robert Ludlum owned Louie’s house for a long time and wrote the Born Identity books while there. It was cool getting to see both houses and learning about the history of each house. Another thing that was fun was getting to meet Louie and meeting Louie’s dogs.

Us on top of the sugar cane wind mill with Bob. Aventis is in the bay behind us.
A statue in front of the fountain at Bob’s house. These statues were put here when the movie, Weekend at Bernies 2, was filmed there. Nice kitty!

We are leaving the USVI this weekend and heading to Grenada!
Talk to you next time from Grenada!

Addie’s Take: Mar. 10-Mar. 29

Spring Break 2020 Yay!
We had my sisters Makenzie and Ella, and their friends Lily and Anna, come visit us on the boat for spring break. Which means I got to skip school while the girls were here! We got the girls at Brewers Bay in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. The next day we went sailing from St. Thomas to Maho Bay on St. John’s. We went to the beach at Maho and just hung out. I went walking down the beach with Makenzie and Anna and saw a lot of people. I then went with Makenzie and Anna to follow a cute boy. We ended up at the beach bar, where they got drinks and got me a diet coke. Makenzie stepped on a bee and it’s stinger got in her foot. She was limping and whining like crazy when Mom and Dad put a needle in her foot to get the stinger out. We then ate at the beach bar. The seats were like pods or domes with cushions in them, except they were made of tree bark instead of glass.

We went to the town of Cruz Bay on St. John’s a couple of days later and explored. We passed by one of the restaurants where I had a drink last month with Dad and Kent Meredith that had pesky flies in it. Mom, Dad and I got a drink at a bar while the girls went shopping. We then had lunch at a restaurant called the Tap’n’Still, that was a “Come Back Shack” and “Five Guys” all in one. They had Five Guy’s seating area and hotdogs and Come Back Shack’s ordering system and french fries. Later I went shopping with the girls and got salt water taffy while they got stickers and t-shirts.

Taxi ride going to Cruz Bay on a rainy day.
Tap’n’Still – yum!

We then sailed from St John’s to Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.  We anchored in White Bay where Soggy Dollar Beach Bar and Hendo’s Hideout are. Our first stop was to Foxy’s for a drink. The dinghy ride to get there was a wet one since it was one bay over and windy. Next we went to Soggy Dollar for a drink and then to Hendo’s to get food. We hung out on the beach, swam and watched boats come in. There were different kinds of boats; there was not just one type of boat. I saw mono-hulls, catamarans, speed boats and even a spa boat, where you could get massages. We then got ice cream. I got cherry vanilla. It was good. It was really good but not as good as the cookies and cream last week. The girl’s last day before leaving for the airport we took them to a restaurant called, Stone House Cafe. After we ate we said goodbye to the girls; Mom and Dad had tears in their eyes.

The girls had fun at Foxy’s.
Tears in their eyes!

In late March, we had our friends Don and Melissa Marlett down on the boat for a visit. We went to pick them up from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. I stayed home and watched the dogs while Mom and Dad went to pick up Don and Mel in the dinghy.

The dogs were very happy to see the Marletts.

We hung out on the boat with Don and Mel and played fibbage a couple of nights. On their second day we sailed to Ditliff Bay in St. John’s.  The water was rough with big waves, which made Mel and I get a bit seasick on the way over. We spent a couple of nights at Ditliff Bay swimming and snorkeling. We saw a starfish!  Mom really wanted to have a starfish on the boat for a long time, so she went and killed the starfish.  That is how she got nicknamed Savage.

We sailed over to Maho Bay in St. John’s, no one got seasick, thank goodness! We just chilled at Maho Bay. The next day Mel and I went kayaking on the paddle board over to the beach. We swam off the beach and saw four turtles, a sting ray, plus lots of fish.

After a couple of nights at Maho Bay, we sailed over to Waterlemon Cay and spent a couple of nights there. We took Don and Mel to the Annaberg Sugar Mill Plantation. We hiked up to the plantation by walking near the water from our boat.

Nobody got seasick today.
Dad and Don hiked up to the top of this hill overlooking Aventis.

Early the next morning we went to Hassel Bay on St.Thomas to take Don and Mel to the airport. When Don and Mel left we moved back to our favorite spot at Brewer’s Bay and watched their plane fly out.

We had fun with you! Come back soon!