Addie’s Take: May-June 2022

In early May we left the dogs at the dog hotel in Cozumel, Mexico while we went to Makenzie’s graduation in Boone, NC.

We celebrated Makenzie’s graduation by having an afternoon lunch.

It was fun hanging out with Makenzie before her big Graduation ceremony.

Makenzie opened cards and presents from friends and family before the graduation walk.

We had a party after graduation – all of Makenzie’s friends got to come over. We catered Chinese food from Taste Grill.

We played a game called cup pong. You pair up in teams of two, I was paired up with Alex. We were the champions, don’t tell my Dad.

We had a disco dance party.

What’s great about being in Boone is getting to see friends. I got to see Brendan. We went to Waffle House and went to the mall. I picked out my birthday present, which was an agate bracelett. We had a great time. I hope to see him again soon.

I got to see Kelsey as well. We went to the pool and Chick-fl-a. We had a great time. I hope to see her again.

When we went back to Cozumel, we then sailed the boat to Key West. We stayed at a hotel with a pool and two food trucks while work was being done to the boat. We went to a museum that was part of the First Flight Restaurant and Brewery It was Pan Am’s first headquarters in the 1920’s. Pan Am was the first airline to fly planes out of the area. It’s kinda like American Airlines, now. We walked around the plaza and went shopping. I had a great time there. I hope to go back someday.

We then sailed up the keys, making our way to a marina near Fort Lauderdale for more boat work. We went to Jaxson’s Ice Cream Shoppe for Kent’s Birthday. They have good hotdogs, burgers and sandwiches as well as big servings of ice cream treats. We had fun and the food was delicious.

We said goodbye to Jaxson’s.

Another day, we went to Le Tub. We met up with Joffry, Kent and Kathy. We told them that we sold the boat. Kathy cried when she found out. I didn’t blame her, I was sad too, when I found out. What I’m gonna miss most is boat friends, being adventurous in various cultures, exploring so many islands, different beaches for the dogs to play on without being on a leash all the time and trying all the particular foods in each distinct location. This experience has helped me to expand socially and it has helped to expand the foods that I eat. It has also helped me to appreciate everyday things. When I was growing up there were places that I would go to like Bojangles, the mall, and the movie theater, which the islands don’t have a lot of these places.

It is the beginning of a new chapter for us. We bought an RV and are getting ready to travel around the United States. I miss the boat life, but I can’t wait to travel around and see all the different states. Stay tuned for our next blog about our adventures on RV Aventis.

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