Addie’s Take: April 2022

We left Belize and sailed to Cozumel, Mexico. Don and Mel came down to Cozumel to visit!

We stayed in a house because the marina didn’t have a lot to do there and it gets really warm on the boat. The house had air conditioning and a pool.

Caper really enjoyed the pool. He stole Chance’s ball, chased it, and played with it. Chance enjoyed the shade and the air conditioning. Caper also enjoyed the shade and air conditioning.

The house also had a patio by the pool, a rooftop living room area which was pretty small, and large bedrooms. 

We went to Cabana Beach Club. We got a cabana with a fan, a couch and plenty of shade.

We entered the water by going down the steps because it was a rock wall. The water was clear like a swimming pool. We were able to do what we usually do on the back of the boat, sit on a floatie with a drink. I had a coke.

We went to the Cozumel Pearl Farm to learn how pearls are made. It is a small family business and they do everything by hand.

We learned that Japan uses bigger machines. The oysters there grow much larger and have a longer lifespan. We also learned they are the number 1 pearl producer in the world. They produce lots of pearls, most range in size from 2.0-9.5mm and very rarely 9.5-10.0mm. The pearl farm that we went to only produces about 200 pearls a year and they are very small 2-3mm. 

Don, Mom, and I went on a 20 minute hike to see a lagoon, while Dad and Mel swam out to a sandbar. For lunch they grilled burgers. I had a veggie burger for the first time. I had it with cheese, pineapples and grilled zucchini.  It was really good. I’ll probably start eating veggie burgers with bean patties.   

We went to an Italian restaurant. It was really good. I had tortellini with cheese stuffed inside with pesto. We also had different types of bread with cheese, onion, tomato etc… There were not a lot of Italian restaurants in the Caribbean. We were really excited to find one in Mexico and have it be really good. We had to stay at the house all day one day because everyone but Don and I were sick with upset tummies. They never were able to figure out what got to them. Another day, we went to town to shop and have lunch. One morning, Mom and Mel went to look for sea glass while Dad, Don and I went to Starbucks.

It was fun having Don and Mel visit. I can’t wait to see them in North Carolina.

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