Addie’s Take: May-June 2021

We took the boat to Long Bay to be able to pick Makenzie, her roommate Anna, boyfriend Gavin and Gavin’s frat brother Alex. When they arrived we were happy to see them and meet Gavin and Alex. We went to eat at Tap’n Still: it was good. We took them to Caneel Bay and let them have day at the beach bar while me, mom and dad stayed on the boat. We went to Maho Bay the next morning and swam and snorkeled and checked out the beach bar. We went to Coral Bay and did Limeout. I went to Skinny legs but stayed on the boat while everyone else did Limeout. We hung-out swam with Caper and stayed the night. We stayed the night at Hanson Bay.  We went to Secret Harbour and lunch there it was delicious we hung-out at the beach which was nice. We anchored at Ditlyff and stayed the night. We went to Saltpond and hiked body beach and then I stayed on the boat while everyone else hiked Ram’s head. We snorkeled to the beach. We went to Ditlyff and had a beach day with Caper and Chance. We anchored the boat at Long Bay. We went to town to go shopping and also went to Taphus to get something to drink, I had root beer. We then went to Stonehouse to eat: it was good. We then had a bonus day because their flight got messed up and spent the day at Dinghy’s. It was a fun day. We then said goodbye to Anna, Gavin and Alex. Makenzie stayed on the boat. While they were here we played Fibbage which is where you come up with a lie to answer a question and if you by any chance say the truth then they don’t let you put in your answer. You then have to find out what the truth is. It’s a really fun game to play if you have more than one person over so basically a party.  It can be any size party. You have to play it to really understand it.  It’s on Jackbox TV.  It’s a really funny and cool game.We also watched New Girl. It is a show about this woman who is living with three guys and she is a teacher. She is trying to figure out her life. She broke up with her boyfriend. It is a really good and funny show. 

Paddle board ride at Maho

Coral Bay day

Lunch at Skinny Legs. Capt. Shannon is buying.

Makenzie and Ella on boat for the week to send sometime with just me, mom, dad and the dogs.

Ella’s new bean bag chair, Caper photo bombing wishing he could get in the chair.

Chairlift ride to a bar called Tasty, in St Thomas.

Breakfast at juice bar before a fun day.

Hanging at Frenchman’s Bay, dogs on paddle board.

Lenny and Lisa came to visit. We had fun hanging out on the boat.

We went to the Spanish Virgin Islands and checked those Islands out before we left for Bonaire. First we went to Culebrita but because it was too rolly and the weather was bad so we decided to go to Culebra and spend the rest of the day there. The next day we went to the Culebra and explored. Unfortunately, there weren’t very many restaurants and shops opened or many activities to do. We went to the beach to wait until 2 o’clock when the restaurant would open. We went to Flamenco Beach. It was a turtle nesting beach. Fun Fact, there is very little crime in Culebra because it is the second home of the Puerto Rican Mob, so it is a mob run island. They do not want to have any need to have police on that island. There is much more crime over on Vieques. We ate at MamaCita’s. The food I ate was good. I had coconut shrimp and fries. Mom and Dad had something different. They did not like it. We didn’t bring a water bottle. The only drinks that me, Mom and Dad had were at the restaurant. Mom and Dad had beer and I had Diet Coke. The Diet Coke was expired. It was awful!!  It was still a fun day. Then we found an anchorage on the north side of Culebra and spent a week. There was a private beach that we took the dogs to each morning. We also spent one morning with our friends Kent, Kathy, Kathy’s sister Susan and her husband Robert. We met Susan and Robert on Kent and Kathy’s boat when they had us over for dinner. We went back to Culebrita and hiked to the Tidal Pools. We were going to get in but then there was a bunch of sargassum which is basically seaweed that has come from Africa. We were not happy. We hiked up to the lighthouse the next day. The lighthouse was pretty cool. Here are some fun facts about the lighthouse: The construction began in 1882 and ended in 1886. The lantern room housed a four order lens in1901 and by 1908 a three and a half order lens had been installed. At the end of the Spanish-American War, it fell under control of the United States.  It is a t-shaped stone structure with a thirty-seven foot tall tower being centered in the vertical portion of a T. In the oil and the storeroom at the bottom of the T there were pairs of identical living quarters. One to the left and one to the right, that each had three apartments that people stayed in. The rooms measured 10 x 12ft and the kitchen/dining room measured 13 x 15ft.  We had a great time in the Spanish VIs and were glad we got to see them before we headed back to St. Thomas. We had to head back to St. Thomas because we needed to take the dogs to the vet, so that they can get checked out and be cleared to enter Bonaire.

Rainy day at Culebrita


Morning beach day

Beach day with WE, Kathy’s sister Susan and brother-in-law Robert. Caper and Chance photo bombing.

Lighthouse on Culebrita

Bonaire here we come.

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  1. Thanks Addie. With your words you really painted a good picture of what’s been going on. It’s almost like watching a movie . Thank you for your updates. Keep up the good writing. Maybe it’ll be a journalist or write a novel

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