Addie’s Take: January 2022

We left Aruba the beginning of January and headed straight to Jamaica. We went on a three day passage. It was easy. On the passage I watched movies like Aquamarine, Pitch Perfect, Another Cinderella Story, etc… and watched TV shows like Lost in Oz, Just Add Magic, etc… and listened to music from Glee, Disney, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, etc…

Aventis at the dock in Jamaica!

After we arrived in Jamaica and got checked-in, we did two different island tours. On the first tour we got to see a blue mountain coffee farm, which is where they harvest and roast coffee beans. Coffee is their main export. When I saw where the coffee was being made, I tried it and liked it. I drink coffee now. I drink it just straight up black coffee with a little bit of sugar.

We then went to the Bob Marley museum in Kingston. Bob Marley had 12 kids, he also had cancer and he was shot by someone. They don’t know who shot him.  

We went to this restaurant called Island Vibez. I decided to be adventurous and order curry shrimp. It ended up being too spicy for me because there was no coconut milk to cut the spice and there was jerk seasoning in it.  

The second tour we went on was to Reach Falls. We went into a water cave and it was pretty cool.

We went to Boston, a village in Jamaica which is where “Jerk” seasoning was invented and we ate lunch at a jerk restaurant. It was delicious! I had jerk shrimp. We also went to this place called Blue Lagoon which was a cool place. It felt like there was a hot spring somewhere in the water because at the bottom it was warm, but it was cold at the top.

It was fun getting to explore the island of Jamaica and the town of Port Antonio where our boat was docked. After a week, we left Port Antonio and sailed to Oracabessa and saw James Bond Beach and explored the area. It was fun exploring Oracabessa.

We left Oracabessa and sailed to Ocho Rios for my birthday. We explored the cruise ship area, went shopping and went to Margaritaville.

Mom and I got our hair braided on my birthday.

We also went river tubing. I was here in Jamaica once in 2015. We came on a cruise ship. I didn’t enjoy river tubing as much in 2015, maybe because I was young at the time, or tired and hungry, or maybe because we had just come from the Blue Hole. Either way, I enjoyed the experience much better this time.

We went to Spicy Shack afterwards. I had shrimp in coconut cream. It was really good. I enjoyed getting to explore Jamaica. 

5 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: January 2022

  1. Sounds like a wonderful 17th birthday and time in Jamaica – keep me posted on Cancun!!

    ~Mrs. C

  2. I love reading about your adventures! I especially like reading about the new things you and your family are doing. Happy 17th Birthday!

  3. Looks like you had fun, great pictures. I can’t believe you like coffee now, I still haven’t gotten a taste for it.

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