Addie’s Take: Feb 2022

We went on a passage to Belize from Jamaica. On the 5 day, 6 night passage, I just listened to music and watched movies that I had downloaded.

I slept in my room all 6 nights and one night I saw a flying fish who had landed on my hatch. At first, I thought it was a lizard because one day I saw a lizard on our boat. Chance came into my room to try to get to the flying fish and was thinking about how to eat it. We saw lots of dolphins by our boat. Caper and Chance were thinking about how to join them.

We stopped at  Santanilla in Honduras to take a break and rest for the night. We then sailed some and motored some the next two and a half days because the wind was changing a lot.  We were low on fuel and one of our engines was giving us trouble, which meant we couldn’t go very fast.  Seven days after we checked out of Jamaica we arrived at Placencia Yacht Club in Belize.  It was a fun, eventful passage especially due to Caper and Chance’s antics.

We went on a tour of Belize. We went to see the scarlet macaws and the howler monkeys and the Mayan ruins. We had to wake up at 5:30am because the macaws came out in the morning. We went on a long car ride and hiked up into the hills, all the way to where the macaws were, so that we could see them.

Two macaws flew over our heads way up in the sky. Dad and I barely saw them. Mom didn’t see them at all.

We didn’t see even a glimpse of the monkeys.

We couldn’t eat lunch for a while because the place we were going to eat lunch was closed. We did get to see the Mayan ruins eventually, but we were so hungry. We did eventually eat. The Mayan ruins were pretty cool and had a neat history. Our tour guide and bus driver were pretty nice. The monkeys and macaws just decided not to come out. It wasn’t the best island tour we had been on.

We explored the islands on the east side of Belize. Lark Caye was the first stop and sleep over.

The next day we went to Maho Caye and went to the beach there to hangout and explore the area. After that, we took the dogs to the beach to let them swim and play. Caper got to swim and Chance got to play ball.

What happened next was we left Moho and went to King Lewey. We ate lunch and dinner on King Lewey. I got to swing in the water, jump on a water trampoline, and play huge connect 4.

We then went to Hideaway Caye. We were celebrating Kathy’s birthday. The people at the table across from us sang her happy birthday in Spanish. We met a girl there named Ama who is 9 years old. Ama gave me a tour of the tiny island, then we colored and played games.

We went to Southwater Caye. I hungout at the beach and explored the area. Mom, Dad, Kent and Kathy snorkeled the second largest barrier reef.

It was fun getting to explore these islands around Belize. My favorite Islands are King Lewey and Southwater. King Lewey because it is a pirate themed island and it has a trampoline that I got to jump on.

Southwater because it has a nice beach and water to swim in as well as internet.

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