Addie’s Take: Sept/Oct 2021

While in Bonaire, I made new friends and saw a few that I met in Grenada last year. I had some of my girlfriends over on Aventis to see the new Cinderella on amazon prime with Camilla Cabelo. I have been talking about this for a long time. I was excited to finally be able to do it. The girls I had over are Celeste(Bliss), Eden(Bliss), Grace(Matriarch), Aidan(Matriarch), Aliona(Song of the Sea) and Anesthesia(Song of the Sea), Cadence(Otoka), Talya(Otoka), Layla (Mala) and Eva(Bubble Moon). We had our own group chat that was only girls. One of my friends, Ivy didn’t come because she had the second vaccination and didn’t feel good. One of our boat neighbors told Mom she heard us laugh and giggle. We had snacks before the movie, while everyone was arriving. I had a good time having everyone on the boat and it was great to see everyone. I hope I get to do it again.

We said goodbye to Bonaire and moved the boat to Aruba.

We saw a sunset on passage.
The Renaissance Marina.
Me by the Aruba sign.
me on the water.
The red anchor.

On Saturday October 16th, we celebrated Dad’s Birthday. We decorated the boat with black and gold decorations. Dad turned 50, which is an over the hill age. We had french toast casserole and bacon for Dad’s birthday brunch. Dad opened his presents, a toucan swimsuit from me and message oil from Mom. We then got to watch a video that Kent and Kathy made for his birthday. We then got to watch another video made for Dad’s Birthday by Mom and Makenzie where everyone in our family and friends made a video saying happy birthday. I really liked Joffry’s video when he said “Happy 60th Birthday” and then his wife Diana corrected him telling him it’s his 50th birthday. Dad was on the phone with a lot of people after the video. For Dad’s birthday dinner we went to LG’s Steakhouse at the Renaissance Casino across the street from the marina we are staying.

We had Don and Mel visit on the boat for a few days in Aruba for Dad’s Birthday. We picked them up from the airport and ate at West Deck for lunch. The food was pretty good then we went to the pool. We then went to Zucchini to eat, which was Amazing. The next day we went exploring around the island and ate lunch at Lola’s. The food was pretty delicious.

We then went to the Renaissance Island in the afternoon to hangout at the beach and see/feed the flamingos. The flamingos ate dog food out of my hand.  Their long black beak tickled my hand. Some of the flamingos were white like vanilla ice cream and some flamingos were pink like ice cream with strawberries in it. 

I ran into my new friend Stella who I met at the pool on Sunday and I also made a new friend on the island Melody. What’s cool is that Melody is my age 16. I haven’t had many friends in the Caribbean who were my age before.

We had brunch on the boat the next day before Don and Mel had to leave when Don and Mel had to leave Mom and Dad took them to the airport. I stayed on the boat with the dogs and did school work. It was fun having Don and Mel on the boat and showing them Aruba. It’s too bad they could only stay for two days. At least we’ll be seeing them soon when we come up to North Carolina for Thanksgiving.

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