Addie’s Take: Nov/Dec 2021

Makenzie, Ella and Gavin came down to the boat. Gavin only came down for a week.

Makenzie, Ella and Gavin got to see Renaissance Island which we call, Flamingo Island.

There are flamingos that live on the island, but they are not native to Aruba. Some flamingos are pink. They are really good at hunting for food like algae, plankton and shrimp. There are also some white flamingos. One of the reasons I think the flamingos are different colors is that the pink flamingos bully the white flamingos. The white flamingos eat less.

We went on a tour of the Island.

We went to the natural bridge, which was really fun, the lighthouse which was really cool to climb and the natural pool which was amazing.  We went to a cave the Native Americans used to hide in. They were hiding from the Spanish who came to take over the island. The Spanish would grab the slaves and shipped them to Venezuela. We also went to a pond and got a fish pedicure where the fish eat the dead skin off your feet. I tried it and it tickled when the fish touched my feet.

Our last stop was baby beach, where we got to snorkel, have a drink at the bar and chill. The tour was fun. I liked the stories Big G and Tony told us about each place.

Swimming at Baby Beach was beautiful
Celebrating Mom’s birthday
The butterfly farm was fun.
Spent some time chilling at the pool.

Visited the Aruba Aloe Factory and learned about how all kinds of stuff is made with aloe. It was pretty cool.

The Butterfly Farm was so much fun, we went back a second time so Makenzie, Ella and Dad could see it.

We love Aruba!
Flamingos are pretty.
Opening Christmas presents.
Caper ate his new octopus all gone in one day!
Flamingo Island on Christmas Day was really magical.

Stay tuned to see where the new year takes us.

10 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: Nov/Dec 2021

  1. Thank you good to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the posts. It was nice being with everyone and sharing this experience with them. It has been cold in Belize too.

  2. Addie, I loved your posts. Looks like everyone is enjoying all the stops and places to visit. It really looks nice and warm too. It is very cold here. Take care. Love Mrs. Winkler

  3. These last three posts have been great! Love the photos and hearing about all the places you visit on each island. Love you. Have fun!

    • Thanks good to hear from you. glad you enjoyed reading the posts it was fun getting to explore different places on different islands. it was an epic fall.

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