August 2021: Visiting the states

Ashley and Addie flew to Atlanta on July 28th with plans of being in the states for 3 1/2 weeks. Customs was crazy. The line took 3 hours…

The next morning we were off to Boone to see the girls!

Addie got to enjoy Elk River Falls on a beautiful afternoon with her friend Brendan.

We made it to town just in time to help Ella move into her first apartment.

The four of us girls took a road trip to Sunset Beach, NC. We spent 3 days visiting with Ashley’s siblings, cousins and extended family.

Ashley with her two cousins who all turned 50 this year!

The girls had a fun time visiting with their first and second cousins.

Shannon was set to meet up with us on August 9th. On August 8th he tested positive for Covid while still in the hospital. He had to remain in the hospital until he tested negative which turned out to be 10 full days. So back to Boone we went.

Then Ashley and Addie headed to Nebo to relax and play at the lake with Don and Mel.

Addie got spoiled by Aunt Mel getting her hair done and getting bubble tea.

Shannon finally got to fly to Charlotte on August 18th. We spent the next two weeks visiting friends and family. A big thanks to Dad and Julia for getting Shannon cleaned up after a month in the hospital.

Cheers to finally being back together!

And cheers to being back in the water!

Next to Boone to see the girls

We grabbed the big girls and headed to VA to see Julie (Grandma) and the cousins.

It is crazy how old everyone is getting.

Time to get the girls back to school and see a few more friends in Boone.

We do love the water. Bass Lake holds a special place in our hearts so many walks and runs with the dogs here over the years.

Before we head back to the boat we make time for one of our favorite activities, brewery hopping in Asheville.

It never disappoints. Big smiles and full hands.

Addie loves to come along. It is a day of tasty treats for her too!

One last yummy meal where we load up on meat, good drinks and of course extra cheese rolls for Ashley!!

Goodbye friends and family. See you next time!

After a short 3 1/2 hour flight we make it to Aruba, so Shannon can check in with his team at the hospital.

After a few days in Aruba, we fly back to Bonaire. Shannon has not been on the boat in over 7 weeks.

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