July 2020: More Fun in Grenada

Our anchorage at St. George’s Grenada at night with a full moon:

We are continuing to explore Grenada by car and boat. We visited some new places and went back to some of our favorites. It is a beautiful and unique island with a variety of things to see and do, inland and by the coast. One of our favorites was West Indies Brewery. During one visit, we got a tour. They bottle the beer 6 at a time, unless it is a special batch and then it is one at a time.

We spent July 4th (which is not celebrated in Grenada) with friends at Grand Anse Beach. Some friends brought their mini-cat over to the beach for us all to enjoy.

We really enjoy the food and the view at 61 West on Grande Anse Beach.

We went snorkeling at the underwater sculpture park one day:

Video of snorkeling the Sculpture Park in Grenada:

So many fun times with friends!

Addie left our mark on BB’s!

It was time to move anchor and check out the southern coast of Grenada.

Caper and Chance waiting to go to the beach.
They are always the first in the dinghy!

We found the St. Georges’ University Club and Dodgy Dock!

A debate at the brewery – whose hair is longer???

Caper and Chance chilling out at the brewery:

Late July brought our first little hurricane scare. Gonzalo was headed our way, so we prepared. It was early in the season and we were only familiar with a small area of the island, so we headed back to the safety of Port Louis Marina. It turned out to be a non-event with winds less than 30mph and barely an inch of rain. That night we had an amazing sunset.

The landscape of Grenada really is breathtaking.

This little hilltop restaurant has a great view of St. Georges.

If you look way over Addie’s left shoulder,
you can barely see Aventis anchored out in the bay.

We are off to our next great adventure – sailing north to the islands of Ronde and Carriacou. It feels good to be out sailing!

Coming up next month:
Exploring Ronde and Carriacou

6 thoughts on “July 2020: More Fun in Grenada

  1. You and Addie really make our days brighter. We have fun and great conversations about all your doing and seeing. Love you, Dad and Julia

  2. It’s wonderful to hear again about what you guys are doing! Thanks for all the pictures. I’m really glad you have a crew of friends to share these awesome moments with. And thanks again for sharing them with us. What beautiful corners of the world you guys are showing us.

    Keep going on adventures,

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