Addie’s Take: Aug 10-Sept 24

For anyone who knows my dog Chance, this won’t be a surprise, Chance had another mishap. It happened when we were meeting some other boaters at an uninhabited island. Chance caught himself on the hook of the sunshade when he was going to greet guests that dinghied up to our boat. The hook caught on the inside of his leg and pulled his skin away from his muscle. When it happened Chance howled in pain but there was no blood. The next morning when Mom and Dad took Caper and Chance to the beach, they did not know he had air pockets in his leg. He came out of the water with sea water in his leg and underbelly. He had filled like a balloon. We went two hours by boat back to Paradise Beach to get Chance to the animal hospital in Carriacou. There were three lady veterinarians that volunteer at the clinic, that took care of Chance. He had surgery to put in drains for the sea water and stitches to hold them in. He had to wear a cone on his head to make sure he did not pull the drains and stitches out. We also put a shirt on him to cover up his wounds. Chance has had 7 surgeries in 6 years. My dog Chance is a mess.

This is Chance with the cone on his head and drains in his belly.
This is Chance in Surgery.
This is Chance with his shirt on.

Once Chance was better and we could leave him alone, we went to the Japanese Steakhouse at Carib Sushi, which is a restaurant in Grenada. We invited Kent and Kathy to come with us. I ordered shrimp, vegetable fried rice and vegetables. Dad ordered chicken, vegetable fried rice and vegetables. Mom ordered steak, vegetable fried rice and vegetables. Kathy had shrimp and Kent had tuna. The chef came and cooked the food for us. He wanted me to touch the fire on his hand. I was hesitant but then I touched the fire. The presentation was so cool and fascinating. He did a lot of cool tricks, like he spelled I love you with the egg, rice and veggies. The food was delicious and it was a really fun experience. It was like Makotos (which is a Japanese Steakhouse in Boone, NC) and not like Makotos at the same time. It was like Makotos because they had a room where you order and eat sushi and a room where they make the food for you at your table. It is not like Makotos because the broth is made of seafood, not chicken. Another difference is that it is on an island in the Caribbean and not in a small town in the US.

The chef spelling out the words I love you.
Me trying to touch the fire without hesitating.

When we arrived back at Port Louis Marina (we have some broken things that need to get fixed), I made some new friends. Addison Roberts (Dragonfly),  Grace and Cameron (Kraken),  Kat (Somni), and her best friend Kiera, Zoey and Tanner (Dorothy Rose.) I met Grace and Cameron on our first day back at the marina. I met Addison when she first came to the boat and we listened to Taylor Swift music. I met Kat, Kiera, Guila, Ariana, Zoey and Zoey’s big sister Ali at the pool. I joined a book club with Addison, Grace, Guila, Ariana, Kat and Zoey. I hung out with them on Addison’s boat and we played Charades. I also hung out with them on Tanner’s boat and watched my first Zombie Apocalypse movie. I went to Le Phare Bleu Marina for the teen activity and the movie Mulan but then I saw my friends there and decided to hang out with them instead. We played games, chilled and ate. I brought the snacks, of course. We had french fries and chips. We also raided the popcorn machine and went swimming. Some of us played BS, which is a card game. I also hung-out with Grace and Addison at night a couple of times. One night I had Grace and Addison over on our boat. It’s nice to have new friends even though I miss my old friends. I always have a fun time hanging out with them. I hope to be able to hang out with them some more. They are really nice people and I’m glad I met them.

This me and my friends at La Phere Bleu celebrating Brooke’s birthday.
This is me and my friends on Tanner’s boat.

Mom and I went to an Afternoon Tea; it was a girls only thing. Dad and Kevin (from Pisces) felt left out. It was a beautiful place. We had a tour of the gardens, drank blue tea and ate cakes. We even ate a victoria sponge. The Tower Estate is called the Downton Abbey of Grenada. They have one and a half acres of tropical gardens. Victoria gave us a tour of the gardens. She has been caring for the gardens for 32 years. It was really cool seeing the flowers in the garden and drinking blue tea. One of the flowers is called Butterfly Pea (picture below) and it is what they use to make the tea blue. I have not had formal tea since second grade. We used china cups and a china teapot. It was very formal. Our host, Isabel, told us that the estate was built in 1913. The husband built it for his wife but she did not want to live there. She left him. Isabel’s grandparents bought the house at an auction in the 1950’s and her family has lived there ever since. We went with a couple of women we knew from the marina and some we didn’t know. Renee from Texas Crewed organized it. It was an experience I will never forget.

Fun girls day with mom.

11 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: Aug 10-Sept 24

  1. Another great update! Love hearing what you guys are up to and so glad you’re getting to do some “regular” teenager stuff too.

    Love to you all,
    Aunt Brandy

  2. Addie – What a FULL month you’ve had! You look so fancy in your beautiful dress for your girls’ tea outing and that picture of the BLUE tea is amazing! What a special day and memory you and your mom have. So glad you were able to help Chance – based on the number of mishaps he has had, maybe you should call him LUCKY! Love the details you provide of your Adventis adventures – keep blogging!

    ~Mrs. C

    • Thank you. I will nickname Chance Lucky. I am so glad you enjoyed reading it. There will be more updates coming soon.

  3. Addie, your ‘take’ is a journal of memories which you will look back on and realize the gift your Mom & Dad are giving you on AVENTIS!
    Keep adventuring!

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