Addie’s Take: July 15-Aug 5

On July 17 we were anchored in Prickly Bay which is on the south side of Grenada. We got to go to the St George’s University Club at Prickly Bay where there was a pool. In order for us to go and use the club we had to do a lot of talking since it was closed to the public because it’s usually for faculty and staff only.  They made an exception for us. It was worth it. We ate and drank there. I got a coke while everybody else got an adult beverage. I searched for the menu and the amenities on the internet. It was fun being at the university club pool. We had it all to ourselves. It was like having our own private resort. The staff were very friendly and humorous. They told us we had to check out by 4:30 but then they let us stay longer because we were such good company. They have been pretty lonely since the university is closed.

A few days later we went to Ronde Island, an uninhabited island, because we are making our way to Carriacou.  There are three inhabited islands we can be on now that we are checked into Grenada. They are Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. We spent four nights at Ronde. This island only has a few vacation homes on it, no one lives here full time. The island is for sale for $100 million! The most expensive island for sale in the world! We took the dogs to the beach and let them swim and play ball. They loved it. We went around the other side of the island to check out Palm Tree Beach. We decided not to beach the dinghy because the swells were big and it was not safe. One of the nights we had a beach barbecue with Patrick and Rita (Bella) as well as Shirley and David (Maeva).  Shirley is French Canadian and David is Portuguese but can also speak French. David does not speak a lot of English.  We are teaching him while he is trying to teach us some Portuguese. Maeva brought their grill over to the beach for the barbecue. We cooked hotdogs, pork chaps, sausage, fish and shrimp. Plus we had rice. When we were at the barbecue, Caper and Chance made a new friend named Zeus who is a Yorkshire Terrier who weighs 5 pounds. This was the first time we had done a beach barbecue from our boat. It was fun except for the bugs that came out at sunset and bothered us. We had to use a lot of bug spray.

We went on a tour of Carricou by taxi. We found out that Carricou had  grapes but they were not regular grapes- they were sea grapes but you can’t eat them until they are ripe and in season. The sea grapes grow by the sea so they have a salty taste. They are still poisonous for dogs except a great dane because a great dane is a huge dog, so the grapes are not as hard on their system. We saw the Princess Royal Hospital which was built up at the very top of the island to keep people with malaria isolated. We went to Indigo Well which is where the french would go to make indigo. The slaves would make indigo by taking the water from the well and using the indigo plants and making it into dye. They do not use this well to make indigo anymore.  We went to an old windmill, where the slaves from the 18-19 century would work. We went to a plantation, where they used to grow corn and peas. They have a corn festival on October 27th, where you get to try different varieties of corn. Carriacou is known for its boat building; they make boats and then race them in an event called a regatta. The islands  around Carriacou all have french names. We ate at a restaurant called Callalou which was by the beach. It reminded me of a restaurant we ate at in the Bahamas which was also by a beach. The restaurant is called Callalou because they serve Callalou. Dad did not like Callalou because it reminded him of when he had it in the oil down. Callalou is similar to spinach but it is actually a little bit sweeter than spinach. They also had cajun potatoes, which were really good and garlic shrimp.

Sea Grapes:

This is the view from the Princess Royal Hospital.
Our boat is in the far bay behind us.

This is the beach beside Callalou restaurant.

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  1. I always learn new things from your ‘takes’, Addie! You will have a great record of all your adventures on AVENTIS!

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