Addie’s Take: June 3-June 24

We arrived in Grenada! Yay!!

We sailed away from the US Virgin Islands, and after 72 hours at sea, we got to the dock at Port Louis Marina in Grenada. We had our temperature checked and then we moved to the quarantine anchorage. This is in St. George, which is the capital of Grenada. From here everyone is put in quarantine for two weeks. This means we could not take the dogs to the beach. We could not see anybody except Patrick and Rita on Bella whose boat was close to ours.

We could not go off the boat except to swim around the boat. Everyday was the same; we were all just sitting there waiting for our two weeks to be up. I was bored but we did schoolwork, swam close to the boat and watched Downton Abbey. This is a show that takes place in the late 18- early 19 hundreds. It is about the Crawleys who live in a giant estate in Yorkshire, England. We watched it season by season. We watched Downton Abbey every night because on July 1st they are taking it off air and we wanted to finish it.

When our two weeks of quarantine were over we went to the dock at Port Louis Marina to get checked for COVID. I got my finger pricked. I tested negative. I do not have COVID.

A few days later, we went on a tour of Grenada by taxi. We went with some of our old friends from Suntex Marina in FL and some new friends from this marina. We had 13 people in our group.

One of the first things we did was learn about nutmeg and how to use all of it’s parts. We smelled and learned about other spices too. We bought some of the spices in the spice shop.

Mom, Dad, Kathy, Kent, Patrick, Rita and I next made a stop to get a drink at Mark’s bar.

We went to the rainforest reserve to try to find monkeys but didn’t see any. We then went to see the lake made by the volcano in Grand Etang Forest Reserve. This lake is where the whole island gets their water. We went to a waterfall called Annandale Waterfall where the boys jumped into the waterfall. We went to what used to be the airport but now it’s a park used for festivals. We went to a graveyard by a church and saw graves that are recent and some that date back to the early 1800’s. We were given history on the Mayflower (Christopher Columbus’ ship). The guide also showed us Leapers Hill. The Caribs jumped here and killed themselves instead of surrendering to the English settlers.

No monkeys :{
Grand Etang Lake where they get their water from.
Annandale Waterfall where we saw the boys jump.
This is the old airport which is now a park used for festivals.
This is the graveyard where we saw graves that date from the early 1800s. This is the monument for Leaper’s Hill.

It was fun getting to explore new places, learn about the spices and the history of Grenada. It was also fun watching the boys jump off the waterfall.

6 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: June 3-June 24

  1. Great detail and summary of your arrival to Grenada and your first adventures on the island. Love the pictures and your narrative!

    • Thank you Mrs Carter. It took three days of non stop sailing to get to Grenada but we made it. Thank you for commenting on the blog. It’s so great to hear from you hope you are having a good summer.

  2. Thanks Addie. Great to hear you are no longer under quarantine and got to explore Grenada. Love, Marcy

    • Thank you it was definatly fun to get off the boat and explore Grenada. More updates will come out soon.

  3. Fabulous update, Addie! You keep such a good record of your adventures. You also teach people along the way about your experiences. WE/(WindEnsemble) is glad to be back with AVENTIS exploring the world! ⛵️🎶⛵️

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