Addie’s Take: June 26-July 4

We have been exploring more of Grenada!

Recently, we went to one of the restaurants/bars at the Spice Market at Grand Anse Beach called Beach Bum with Patrick and Rita (Bella), Kevin and Mary (Pisces), Stewart and Sandra (White Wings), Chris and Jan (Sapphire), David and Eilene (Raven), as well as Kent and Kathy (Wind Ensemble). The Spice Market didn’t really have anything because of the lack of tourists on Grenada. Everyone but me had the “Oil Down” which is the national dish of Grenada. I had french fries. The Oil Down has breadfruit, which is a species of flowering seeds that the British and French brought over during the Colonial Era. It is called a breadfruit because when you cook it it is like a simple fresh baked bread but has a potato-like taste. Oil Down also has a variety of meats, vegetables and spices. What is in the stew varies by area of Grenada and family recipe. The version we ate had saffron, salt fish, goat, pork, callaloo, coconut milk and breadfruit. It is called Oil Down because it has coconut oil in it. Most people liked it, but Dad not so much. He got a burger after trying it.

This is the Oil down dish.
This is Breadfruit which was one of the ingredients in the oildown.

On Thursday we went to the West Indies Brewery. We went with a group of people from the marina. We went on a tour of the brewery and learned about the beer and cider making process. The cider making process is simple. They use apple juice concentrate and then put the yeast in to make it have alcohol since the apple juice concentrate already has sugar in it. The yeast eats the sugar and then once the process is done, they put it in the tank. They cheat with the other flavors by using special flavor packets like watermelon and pomegranate. The beer making process has five steps. The first step is they take malted barley and soak it in hot water to release the sugars. The second step is they boil the malt sugar with hops for seasoning. The third step is they cool the malt sugar and then add the yeast to begin fermentation. The fourth step is the yeast ferments the malt sugars and releases CO2 and Ethyl Alcohol. The fifth and final step is after the fermentation is complete, they bottle the beer with a little bit of added sugar to provide carbonation. Dad says the sixth step is to drink it.

I ran into my good friend Ben from Zenobia at the brewery. We hung out and played Harry Potter UNO, which is like UNO but with special rules. I also played Pool with Ben. He had to show me how to play because I haven’t played since I was at Grandad and Nana’s apartment in Charlotte two Christmas’ ago. I was a bit rusty at it. I did not try the beer or the cider, but I tried Ting and I really liked it.

This was our tour guide, Bob.
Dad loves the brewery. Dad is always smiling when he has a beer in his hand.

4th of July! Yay!!

We celebrated the fourth of July by having a gathering at Grand Anse Beach with a group of people, some from the marina and some who were on anchor. Renee’ and Gene from Texas Crewed put together and brought their mini-cat which is basically a mini catamaran. Ben from Zenobia helped them put it together and sail it to the beach from the marina.  Ben’s Dad Johannes came to the beach as well. I went on the mini-cat once with Ben, Dad and Patrick from Bella. I went again with Ben, Mom and Mary from Pisces. It was fun going on the mini-cat.  I got to help with the lines. I helped roll up the jib. What was exciting about going on the mini-cat is that it went really fast.  It reminded me of being on a speed boat at Watauga Lake which is a lake in North Carolina.

This is a picture of the mini-cat that I went on with Dad, Patrick, and Ben.
This is me reading Harry Potter at the beach.
Mom is enjoying the beach with her friends.
Dad is enjoying the beach with his friends.

We ate lunch at a restaurant called Umbrellas which is a bar and restaurant on the beach. There were food trucks as well, but I wanted to go to a restaurant with french fries and shade.

This is me on the mini-cat with Ben and Gene from Texas Crewed after we had just sailed it back from the beach to Gene’s boat.

Our dog Caper celebrated his 8th birthday today (July 4th).
Happy Birthday Caper!

13 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: June 26-July 4

  1. Thanks Addie. Love reading you take on the adventures that you are having. The mini-cat sailing sounds so fun. Also loved the picture of you reading Harry Potter at the beach!
    Much love,

    • Thank you. Harry Potter is so addictive that when I read it at the beach or the pool, I get so into it I forget to get in the water.

  2. Addie, Fantastic pictures! Who is the main photographer? Great historical and recipe/brewery detail about your adventures in Grenada. The mini-cat sounds fun and fast, and I especially liked your comparison reference to Lake Watauga. For the 4th of July, we rented a pontoon boat and were actually on Lake Watauga! That bday pic of Caper is ADORABLE!

    Keep the blogs coming!
    Ciao~ Mrs. C (Renee’ Carter)

    • Thanks for reading my blog. We all take pictures. Thank you. I worked really hard on my detail and reference. We used to really enjoy renting a Pontoon boat on Watauga lake. Stay tuned for more cute dog pics.

  3. Hi Addie! I love reading about all of your adventures. Hope to see you soon. Love and miss you, Mel

  4. Hey Addie! I am Charlene, your Nana’s sister. I love reading about your adventures and wish I could wear a bathing suit all the time… I love shade and French fries so we have a lot in common. Stay safe, have fun and keep the lists coming.

    • Thank you it’s so good to hear from you. Getting dressed is so easy its either a bathing suit or shorts and tank top/shirt. French Fries is one of my favorite foods. Stay tuned there will be more updates coming.

  5. Hi Addie! I really enjoyed your most recent ‘take’! I learned more about the ‘oil down’ that we went to by reading your information and also the beer and cider brewing process! Good explanations! It was fun to watch you on the Beach Cat on the 4th of July! I like Caper and Chance. They are so much fun…especially when Caper jumps off the boat and swims and then gets back on the boat from the ladder! Your mom finds and makes such beautiful jewelry and art with sea glass!
    I’m glad we are sharing this journey with you all on AVENTIS!

    • Thank you. It was fun going on the Beach cat with Ben. Caper and Chance say hi. Mom says thanks. She works really hard on making beautiful stuff. We are glad to be sharing this journey with you too.

  6. HI Addie, You “Take” was just in time. We were wondering what you were doing in Grenada. It sounds like you have met a lot of people and are touring around the island. As you were describing the Oil Down, we wondered how your Dad was going to do with it. So we both laughed out loud at when you said he didn’t like the Oil Down and got a burger instead. Say hi to your Mom and Dad for us,
    Love you, Nana and Grandad

    • It’s so good to hear from you. Grenada is going good. I wish I had tried the Oil Down considering there were vegtables in it.You made me laugh teasing Dad. Mom and Dad say hi. Love and miss you too.

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