Addie’s Take: Starting the New Year

We started the new year at Sand Dollar Beach in Stocking Island, Exuma. We dingyed over to the beach and Mom wanted to find sand dollars. Since it is Sand Dollar Beach and because she used to look for Sand Dollars when she was a kid. Dad found them first. We hiked up some very steep, rocky hills. I wore Chacos, so my feet wouldn’t get hurt. I recommend wearing Chacos/tennis shoes when hiking up those hills because your feet could easily get hurt. We wanted to cross to the other side of the Island to see the Atlantic. Since there was a poisonous tree in our way, we decided to go back where we started and we did. We went back and we swam. The dogs had so much energy, they were always one step ahead. Dad tried calling them but there were times where they would not listen.  When we got back on the boat in their defense, they drank a lot of water.They were so tired, they went to the bathroom on the wrong side of the boat. They got in trouble.

The dogs pose for a picture:

Chance is telling me to come on:

Finally Chance is worn out!

8 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: Starting the New Year

  1. I loved reading that sweetie!! Your mom and I spent hours and hours looking for sand dollars when we were kids with our moms. That’s why I love sand dollars too. It sounds like you are having an amazing time. Keep writing!! Lots of love from Aunt Kelly xxx ps. Sam and Lauren still talk about you and are dying to come back to the States to see you all. Xxx

    • Dear Kelly,
      Mom did not find Sand Dollars, I think she forgot how. Dad found sand dollars instead. Dad found a lot of sand dollars. He is the sand dollar whisperer.Tell Sam and Lauren I said hi and that I hope to see them soon.

  2. Hi Addie! I like reading your perspective and adventures on AVENTIS! Chance and Caper are great friends to have aboard with you!
    I hope you found sand ‘dollar$’….don’t spend them all in one place😉!
    Hope to see you in the future!

    • Thank you.Caper and Chance are good. They say hi. We did find sand dollars. I won’t spend them all in one place, I will save a few.
      Hope to see you soon.

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