September 2019: Hurricane Dorian and Moving Out of the House

This month started off with a big scare for many in the path of a massive hurricane…….

Hurricane Dorian had us in her cone of uncertainty for many days. Shannon prepared Aventis for the worst! Adding extra lines and fenders, taking down the headsail and removing anything from the outside that could blow away.

She looks so different with the enclosure removed, the cushions stowed inside and no decorations.
So many extra lines…

Luckily the winds did not get over 40 mph and the rain was minimal with minimal coastal flooding, so it was time to celebrate!

Dock 500 hurricane party!

The friends we made in the Northern Bahamas this summer were not so lucky. Dorian had a devastating effect on the Abacos. We feel very fortunate to have spent time there the past two summers. We look forward to visiting again once they have had time to rebuild.

Shannon returned to NC to start the process of moving out. Unfortunately, a few house maintenance issues kept us in Blowing Rock longer this month than we had planned. The old copper pipes seem to leak at the worst possible time and location (downstairs bathroom ceiling this time).

And the parts in an upstairs bathroom decided to stop working also. Time to get out! 🙂

Caper and Chance are bored and ready to play again!

Dogs are waiting patiently – again.

Turns out, we did not mind getting to hang out in NC a little longer – the weather was amazing and we got to enjoy some extra time with Makenzie and Ella, who are now sorority sisters also. Family time included visits with friends/family, more hikes, and great meals.

Sigma Kappa Sorority Sisters
Hike to the top of Rich Mountain, Boone, NC

We even had time to visit friends in Nebo/Marion/Asheville…

Toby really missed Addie!

Back in Boone, Addie’s church youth group had a going away party for her, which included 4 wheeling and horse back riding.

We had a great time celebrating some friend’s birthdays at the App State – UNC football game. App beat UNC!

ASU vs. UNC Game. App’s mascot is a Mountaineer.

We also got to celebrate Julie’s birthday before we left (Shannon’s mom).

Grandma Julie’s Birthday!!

Time for us to go! Goodbye Mak and Ella. Aventis here we come!

The van (Big Mama) was packed full of things we are moving onto the boat.
It was tight but everyone had a spot.
We made it to the marina in Hollywood, FL!
Now the fun part of unloading and finding a place for everything.

September came to an end and we began to get settled in our new home. More to come next month on final boat projects, provisioning and our house in Blowing Rock.

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