October 2019: Full Time Aboard, Getting Organized, and Boat Shows

All the bins have been emptied and it is time to find a spot for everything. Addie’s room looks awesome! Her books, toys, and other special things all have a secure place.

In the galley, we added some shelves which increased our storage.

It feels like home now – we have plants!

Mak and Ella have been having fun together doing sorority stuff.

Shannon, Ashley and Addie flew to Maryland and stayed on with our friends on Wind Ensemble. We attended the Annapolis Boat Show with Kent and Kathy Meredith for two days. Addie’s take on Annapolis is that is it an “old timey town.” She loved it – reminded her of an American Girl novel. We had great time!

Back on Aventis, we celebrated Shannon’s birthday.

We woke up on Shannon’s birthday to a decorated boat. The marina minions were busy!

One boat project we undertook was to take the white plastic covering off the 4 exterior windows. They protect the windows and offer privacy, but you can’t see out of them. So, we are taking it off and putting on window tinting. Unfortunately, this was a trial and error project and there were a few mistakes along the way. Great news though, because there are 4 windows, by the time we got to window 3 and 4, Shannon had the system down to a science. Now when you look out the window you have a beautiful view!

With the covering removed and the new covering applied this is the clear view we have.

We bit the bullet and decided to go ahead and fix Chance’s hind left leg. We had his hind right leg fixed a couple of years ago. Doing his left left leg now means major knee surgery and an 8 week recovery with limited movement. UGH!! (Spoiler alert: we all survived and Chance is doing amazing, swimming and running right beside Caper.)

We had great times at the dock with our marina friends! We may be outgrowing our little dock area…

Addie celebrated Brendan’s birthday with him and Cinder.

Don and Melissa Marlett came to visit with us on the boat. We did not get to take the boat out, but we did share some of our favorite things in Hollywood with them, like the Broadwalk and “La Tub”. We had a great time!

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Shannon and Ashley went to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show with our good friend, Joffre, who lives on Willow, the boat next door to ours at the marina. Thanks to Joffre’s connections, we got to tour a mega yacht. That was very cool.

Then it was Halloween and guess what Addie was….

Yep, Addie is all things Harry Potter right now.
She went trick or treating with Brendan.

Coming up next month: New Batteries, Solar, and Goodbyes

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