November 2018: It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere!

We spent the end of October and the beginning of November at our home in Blowing Rock, NC. The big event in November was the ice storm:

Our backyard during the ice storm.
After a couple of days we were finally able to leave the house and discover why we lost power. Some massive trees took the lines down! That power line is only up temporarily in this picture – it is hardly 7 feet above the road. This is the longest we had lost power since moving to our home in 2002.

So, we decided to escape the icy weather and go to the boat to spend Thanksgiving in South Florida!

Makenzie, Ashley, Addie, and Ella the night before our early morning flight to Fort Lauderdale. We were spending Thanksgiving on the boat! One of the best things about Sierra Nevada is that it is located right next to the Asheville airport. We fly Allegiant back and forth to the boat (Asheville – Fort Lauderdale) so we get to visit Sierra Nevada often! Just one of many great breweries in Asheville!
For Shannon’s birthday (in October) we went to Sierra Nevada brewery in Asheville, NC with Don and Melissa Marlett.
Sierra Nevada is amazing and huge! This is just one of the many outside areas to hangout. Way down the hill under the trees is a stage with live music.
Shannon and Ashley at Sierra Nevada in Asheville, NC.

We made it to the boat and enjoyed the week just hanging out, swimming, some shopping, and of course eating.

Needless to say, we didn’t mind escaping that weather to Hollywood, FL to “work on the boat” over Thanksgiving!
Where the temp was about 65 degrees warmer than the icy weather we left behind!
We didn’t get much work done on the boat, but the whole family loved being in south Florida for Thanksgiving!

Coming up in December 2018: First Sail, Monster Snow, Christmas, and the Family Escapes to Southern Florida

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