December 2018: First Sail

Shannon and Ashley headed back to the boat in early December (without the girls this time) and were able to take Aventis out for a sail. This is the first time we took the boat off the dock and we were headed to Key Biscayne for a couple of days!

When we leave the dock we have to swing around to get out the channel.
Whenever we are at the docks, we only go as fast as we want to hit something!

Ashley at the helm sailing to No Name Harbor in Key Biscayne.
Love, love, love turning the engines off and sailing! The mast on Aventis is over 75′ tall. Probably closer to 80′ with the antennas, etc.
Sailing past the lighthouse on Key Biscayne.
We made it to our anchorage just in time for sunset.
Our first trip was a success! 35 miles and no issues anchoring. 🙂
Which meant sundowners on the flybridge!
After our stay in Key Biscayne, it was time to say goodbye.
Back at our dock. Ashley is up on the boom zipping up the mainsail!

After our trip, Ashley had to head back to NC while Shannon stayed a few more days to do some maintenance on Aventis. Shannon knew he was in the doghouse when he saw this…

Home (Boone NC) on the national news for crazy snow storm and Shannon hanging out in 80 degree weather missing it? Uh oh!
Ashley sent this video to Shannon so he would know what he was missing…
Caper and Chance love snow!
Ella and Addie had a great time and didn’t mind missing a week of school!
Shannon came back to NC shortly after the big snow and the family spent Christmas together.
Christmas morning. It isn’t every year we get a white Christmas.
Makenzie on Christmas day.
Ella and Makenzie on Christmas day.
Ella, Makenzie, and Addie on Christmas day.
Chance, Addie, and Makenzie on Christmas day.

We had a great Christmas… Spent time with all of our family, including Mikaela’s new husband David (very cool guy and fits in with our family perfectly!).

After Christmas, the whole family (including Caper and Chance) headed down to the boat for a week of play in south Florida.

We waited to have the renaming ceremony for the boat until all of us were on the boat together. As part of the ceremony, we hoisted an Aventis flag,
Caper, Shannon, and Chance chilling out on Aventis.
Caper took to the boat right away. He loved climbing all over it.
Chance turned out to be a fearless boat dog as well!
We went to the beach at Key Biscayne one of the days. This is Addie on the beach and Ella on the paddle board.
Caper and Chance love the water!
Addie, Ashley, Shannon, Chance, and Caper enjoying the beach.
On another day, we took the dinghy down to Haulover Cut sand bar. What a wild place – tons of people!
The next day we went to Dog Beach at Haulover park beach.
Ella, Chance, Caper, and Mak hanging out on the beach.
Mak and Caper playing on the beach.

Coming up in January 2019: Getting the boat hauled out, Addie visits the boat for her birthday, Shark Mania, and Bashing to the Bahamas

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  1. We loved seeing the photos of life in NC and transitioning to your new life with Aventis. Beautiful family.
    Hugs to you all.⛵️🎶⛵️K&K

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