Addie’s Take: May 2020 Part 2

A few more things I had to share that happened in May…

Caper and Chance (my dogs) kept hassling me to write about their new friends. When we were anchored for about a month at Brewer’s Bay in St. Thomas, Caper and Chance made new friends as well, their names were Rosco and Daisy. Rosco and Daisy live on Dreamcatcher, a catamaran. Caper and Chance met Rosco and Daisy one morning when they went for a swim on the beach and had a doggy play date. Caper went swimming, Chance chased a ball out in the water, and Daisy chased a stick out in the water. Rosco didn’t do anything in the water for a while – he just greeted everyone, asked for pets, and watched. Eventually, Rosco got in the water to get the stick, but he only went in a few feet.

This is Rosco and Daisy. Rossco is the French Bulldog and Daisy is the yellow Lab
This is a picture of Caper, Chance, Rosco and Daisy playing on the beach. Caper is the gray spotted dog running by the water and Chance is the Black and White dog on the beach with a ball in his mouth.

It was great meeting Jake, Stephanie, Roscoe and Daisy! We look forward to seeing them in Grenada when they sail down in July.

We finally left St. Thomas and sailed to St. Croix!

We went to shore on St. Croix on May 29th to get some land time because it will be a long time before we are on land again. We are getting ready to sail to Grenada which will take 3 days nonstop. We went to a restaurant called Brew STX. It was the first time we got to sit down at a restaurant since COVID started.  I got french fries and they were yummy. The reason why sitting at a restaurant was such a big deal is because after we sail to Grenada, we have to stay on the boat in a two week quarantine.

This is a picture of the Restaurant that we ate at in St. Croix.
This is how they make their beer.

{Watch out folks this blog is going to turn into an advertisement.} Come one, come all to the Barina to get Snacks, Beer, Wine, Coffee, Soda, Marine Supplies, Etc … 🙂

We went to a store that wasn’t just a Marina store, but a Bar too. We got marine supplies, beer, wine, soda and Cheetos. I got diet coke and Cheetos, Dad got beer and a speargun, and Mom got wine and a tank top. We went with our friends Patrick and Rita (from Bella). This is my dad’s favorite marine supply store ever!

This is a picture of me with my Diet Coke and Cheetos that I got from the Gallows Bay Marine store, which I renamed to Barina. Hahaha!

Later that afternoon/evening, I hung out on the boat with the dogs while mom and dad went to a tiki bar and pizza place to meet with the other boaters who are also heading to Grenada the next morning.

We were only on St. Croix for one day, but really enjoyed it.
We can’t wait to come back!

11 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: May 2020 Part 2

  1. Addie, how amazing! Sounds like you are loving this journey and are seeing so many amazing things. Miss you a whole lot!!

  2. Hi Addie! I hope you stocked up on Diet Coke and Cheetos from ‘Barino’ and have enough to get through quarantine!
    We see AVENTIS over there In the QArea and can’t wait to hang with with you and Caper & Chance…oh, and Mom & Dad, too!
    Kathy & Kent
    WindEnsemble ⛵️🎶⛵️

    • Thank you. I am looking forward to exploring the Island,going out to eat,taking the dogs to the beach and playing with them.

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