Addie’s Take: Mar. 10-Mar. 29

Spring Break 2020 Yay!
We had my sisters Makenzie and Ella, and their friends Lily and Anna, come visit us on the boat for spring break. Which means I got to skip school while the girls were here! We got the girls at Brewers Bay in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. The next day we went sailing from St. Thomas to Maho Bay on St. John’s. We went to the beach at Maho and just hung out. I went walking down the beach with Makenzie and Anna and saw a lot of people. I then went with Makenzie and Anna to follow a cute boy. We ended up at the beach bar, where they got drinks and got me a diet coke. Makenzie stepped on a bee and it’s stinger got in her foot. She was limping and whining like crazy when Mom and Dad put a needle in her foot to get the stinger out. We then ate at the beach bar. The seats were like pods or domes with cushions in them, except they were made of tree bark instead of glass.

We went to the town of Cruz Bay on St. John’s a couple of days later and explored. We passed by one of the restaurants where I had a drink last month with Dad and Kent Meredith that had pesky flies in it. Mom, Dad and I got a drink at a bar while the girls went shopping. We then had lunch at a restaurant called the Tap’n’Still, that was a “Come Back Shack” and “Five Guys” all in one. They had Five Guy’s seating area and hotdogs and Come Back Shack’s ordering system and french fries. Later I went shopping with the girls and got salt water taffy while they got stickers and t-shirts.

Taxi ride going to Cruz Bay on a rainy day.
Tap’n’Still – yum!

We then sailed from St John’s to Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.  We anchored in White Bay where Soggy Dollar Beach Bar and Hendo’s Hideout are. Our first stop was to Foxy’s for a drink. The dinghy ride to get there was a wet one since it was one bay over and windy. Next we went to Soggy Dollar for a drink and then to Hendo’s to get food. We hung out on the beach, swam and watched boats come in. There were different kinds of boats; there was not just one type of boat. I saw mono-hulls, catamarans, speed boats and even a spa boat, where you could get massages. We then got ice cream. I got cherry vanilla. It was good. It was really good but not as good as the cookies and cream last week. The girl’s last day before leaving for the airport we took them to a restaurant called, Stone House Cafe. After we ate we said goodbye to the girls; Mom and Dad had tears in their eyes.

The girls had fun at Foxy’s.
Tears in their eyes!

In late March, we had our friends Don and Melissa Marlett down on the boat for a visit. We went to pick them up from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. I stayed home and watched the dogs while Mom and Dad went to pick up Don and Mel in the dinghy.

The dogs were very happy to see the Marletts.

We hung out on the boat with Don and Mel and played fibbage a couple of nights. On their second day we sailed to Ditliff Bay in St. John’s.  The water was rough with big waves, which made Mel and I get a bit seasick on the way over. We spent a couple of nights at Ditliff Bay swimming and snorkeling. We saw a starfish!  Mom really wanted to have a starfish on the boat for a long time, so she went and killed the starfish.  That is how she got nicknamed Savage.

We sailed over to Maho Bay in St. John’s, no one got seasick, thank goodness! We just chilled at Maho Bay. The next day Mel and I went kayaking on the paddle board over to the beach. We swam off the beach and saw four turtles, a sting ray, plus lots of fish.

After a couple of nights at Maho Bay, we sailed over to Waterlemon Cay and spent a couple of nights there. We took Don and Mel to the Annaberg Sugar Mill Plantation. We hiked up to the plantation by walking near the water from our boat.

Nobody got seasick today.
Dad and Don hiked up to the top of this hill overlooking Aventis.

Early the next morning we went to Hassel Bay on St.Thomas to take Don and Mel to the airport. When Don and Mel left we moved back to our favorite spot at Brewer’s Bay and watched their plane fly out.

We had fun with you! Come back soon!

15 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: Mar. 10-Mar. 29

  1. Hi Addie! Don and I had such a great time with you all. My favorite part was snorkeling with you and getting to see all of the sea turtles. Hope to see you again soon. Miss and love you all, Mel and Don

  2. Hi Addie! I am always excited to read your newest and latest posts aboard AVENTIS! It sounds like you are having a great time in the USVI and had a great visit with your sisters and friends!…and always special times sailing with Mom & Dad,Caper & Chance!
    We miss you guys and hope to see you soon! I like swimming, hiking and snorkeling (and eating) with you and petting Chance & Caper!
    Tell ‘Savage’ the Starfish Police we’re looking for someone who “adopted” a Starfish😆
    Hugs & Misses!
    Kathy & Kent⛵️🎶⛵️

    • Hi Addie and Aventis Crew!
      Addie you are doing a wonderful job capturing the moments! I know your sisters and guest are enjoying these updates to relive the adventure. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the moments!
      Patrick & Rita

    • We miss and hope to see you soon as well.Caper and Chance miss having you pet them too. I hope the savage doesn’t end up on trial. How are things in Antigua?

  3. Loved reading your blog post Addie. Looks like you are having a great adventure. And thanks again for hosting the “spring break” girls! I know they had a wonderful time with all of you.
    Keep having fun, Julie (Lily’s mom)

    • Thank you no problem. We had a lot of fun. Lily was really nice to me. We had fun eating ice cream on the beach.

  4. It sounds and looks like you had a great March! Addie, you keep a wonderful
    journal with pictures. It really lets us be there with you. I know everyone was sad that Mak and Ella had to go back to Boone. Say hi to your mom and dad for us. Love you, Grandad and Nana ❤️

    • Thank you Grandad and Nana. Everyone was sad that Mak and Ella had to go back to boone. Mom and Dad say hi. We miss you guys as well. Hope you guys are well. Hows Charlotte? Love Addie

      • Hi Addie,
        It really sounds like you are having quite an adventure. You are very lucky, because very few kids your age get to do this. Nana and I are getting somewhat bored, because the only time we get to go out is to the grocery store or to pick up food from a restaurant. But we hope it will be over in about 2-3 more weeks here in Charlotte. Love you and stay safe, Grandad and Nana

  5. Oh Addie!! I loved that!! You are doing such a great job at recording everything – and funny too!! I Miss you guys tons and dram that me and Sam and Lauren might get to come visit you on the boat sometime. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!! Sending you all lots of love and give The Savage an especially big hug from me ❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️

    • HI Kelly thank you. We miss you guys too.We hope you guys get to come visit us too.Yes it would be wonderful if you guys came down. You would have a great time. Sending lots of love as well. The Savage sends a big hug back to you as well.

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