September/October 2020: Lightening Problems and, of course, More Fun!

We started off September at Paradise Beach in Carriacou. We love Carriacou because it is laid back, small, has a dozen great restaurants, beautiful beaches, and awesome snorkeling and diving.

An actor from New York was “stuck” in Carriacou at the same time as us. He made a short video of his time there. At the beginning of the video, you will see Aventis anchored off Paradise Beach:

September started off with a bang in more ways than one! As we lay sleeping in Tyrell Bay at Carriacou with plans to sail to Ronde, a small island just south of Carriacou, in the morning, we were startled awake by crashes of thunder and lightening that seemed to be right on top of us. The storm lasted just minutes but caused us weeks of headache.

Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

We had plans to celebrate Dreamcatcher’s boat anniversary at Ronde with friends on Bella and Maeva the next few days. This adventure included diving the amazing reef at Ronde. Ashley had just done a dive refresher and was excited to get deep in the water again. There was no way we were missing out on this adventure! The lightning knocked out all of our sailing instruments, though! Well, even with no auto pilot, navigation or wind instruments, Shannon hand steered us to Ronde so we could dive and hang out with friends. It was so worth it! We had great luck and ate like kings! What could be better than fresh lobster, lion fish and a magnum of Bordeaux shared amongst friends.

At the end of the weekend we said goodbye and limped our way back to Port Louis Marina in Grenada so we could give Aventis some much needed attention! We thought it would be a quick fix but it turned out to take weeks and weeks of just waiting for parts. We found ways to entertain ourselves in Grenada though…

We watched great Grenada sunsets:

We snuck away for an afternoon of adult time at La Luna, a resort:

Addie worked on her art – she is quite the artist:

Addie had been asking for Japanese food since back in June when she first saw this restaurant. We were excited it was open and we finally got to take her there:

We found a beach bar with pretty and tasty drinks:

We spent time eating and hanging out with friends.
Remember there is still NO COVID on Grenada (in September and October).

We celebrated Patrick’s birthday from Bella at a really neat restaurant overlooking the beach called Aquarium.

Ashley and Addie had a really cool Mom and daughter experience. They went to the Tower Estate, Grenada’s “Downton Abbey”, to experience first hand an afternoon of English tea and cakes. What made this extra special was the blue tea we drank that gets it’s color from the Butterfly Pea flower. An added benefit were the acres of beautifully manicured gardens.

Of course, a few boat projects had to be taken care of. Fixing broken toilets is probably the worst job on the boat. Definitely the nastiest!!!

Addie had lots of fun making new friends.
She even watched her first zombie movie!

We took a school field trip to the Grenada Chocolate Factory.
Shannon was all about this field-trip!

Then it was time for a little adult learning. How is it that they actually make gin and how is it different from vodka? Next time, we need to bring Addie to help us with the details. We were a little preoccupied tasting the gin!

The blue gin gets it’s color from the butterfly pea, the same flower that makes the tea blue.

We went back to the Aquarium restaurant to celebrate Shirley’s birthday from Maeva.

I know it looks like we go out to eat a lot… But it is the main time we have our camera in hand and eating out in Grenada is less expensive than buying groceries!

Grass mowing in Grenada looks a little different than what we are use to – goats!

Have to feel sorry for these pups – their parents wore them out playing and swimming at the beach.

When he is not worn out to much, Chance sits on the ledge in his special seat and watches over us!

We had a fun time celebrating Shannon’s birthday!
He got a few presents and then we had dinner with friends at La Luna.

Our friend Stuart on White Wings had his birthday party the next day, so we got to keep celebrating birthdays!

Our friends Shirley and Dave are preparing to put their boat on the hard and head back to Canada until early January. One last beer and then it is off to remove the sails from their boat.

Success, the sails are off!

We are feeling our time in Grenada coming to an end. As we near the start of November, hurricane season is closing out and friends are heading in different directions. There are not as many options as usual for cruisers this year with so many islands being closed to travelers, so I feel confident we will see many of our friends again soon in the USVI.

Even though we spent a few weeks at the marina getting our boat fixed,
plus another few weeks staying in anchorages close by waiting on boat parts, we had a great September and October in Grenada!

Coming up next month: Aventis gets hauled out of the water and then we sail to the USVI!

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  1. Great read Aventis! Your updates are always informative and fun! Awesome to hear the crew is holding up well to the fine wine & dining in a tropical paradise! Cheers!

  2. Really cool installment. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures and letting us know what you’re up to!

    Wishing you well,

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