June 2019: Ella’s Graduation, Birthday, and Hanging out in NC

June was a fun month back in NC for us. We left Aventis at Nassau Yacht Haven Marina in Nassau, Bahamas to spend time in NC.

Makenzie gave us a beautiful way to remember Aventis while away:

Makenzie moved into her studio apartment with her cat Gracie.

Ella got “Capped” by her friend Riley. This is a ceremony where seniors have a friend help them get there cap and gown on; it is the first time they are seen in public with it on.

Shannon helped Kent and Kathy Meredith move their catamaran, Wind Ensemble, up to the Chesapeake for Hurricane season.

Which was no easy task with these big boats passing them from every direction.

He made it back to Blowing Rock just in time to see Ella graduate on June 14th at 5:30pm at the Holmes Convocation Center in Boone, NC. She completed high school in three years with honors.

Way to go Ella!!

Addie’s last days at Blowing Rock School included a pool party with classmates and teachers.

The 7th grade teachers were awesome!

We got to celebrate Father’s Day with all three girls in Blowing Rock.

Ella turned 17!!

Appalachian State University here I come!
Shannon’s famous Chocolate Raspberry Cake. Yum!

For her birthday, Ella wanted a Tattoo, so off to Virginia we went since she was under 18 (NC doesn’t allow that). Ella got a puzzle piece in honor of her sister, Addie. Makenzie has the same tattoo on her arm also.

Because she is so loving and supportive, Makenzie got a tattoo also. Her tattoo is of the year our family was established.

We spent a day in Black Mountain, NC at a Brewery and Cidery with friends. Addie got fairy hair.

And Addie made some new friends.

Back home, Addie played games with some old friends and dogs…

Addie had a great week at Pizza Camp with her friend Brendan.

She may have a career in the pizza making business.
Great week at Caldwell Community College with Chef Roberts.

And of course, we spent time walking the dogs and enjoying those cool summer days in Boone…

Coming up next month: Sailing around Exuma, swimming pigs, iguanas, and sharks

3 thoughts on “June 2019: Ella’s Graduation, Birthday, and Hanging out in NC

  1. You sure had a busy June!, your pictures are great and hope you have a safe thanksgiving. Did I hear the girls are flying over for thanksgiving? Are you still in hollywood or gone to the Bahamas? Love and miss you guys. Say hi to Addie for me.

  2. Hey Guys! Looks like it was a great summer. Shannon, was home earlier in October and ran into the man who launched our Subway careers…John Welsh! He says hi. Love reading about your adventures and seeing pictures of home. Meredith

    • Hey Meredith! Haven’t seen John in years – cool you ran into him! Thanks for checking out our adventures. Hope everything in Charleston is good!

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