January 2021: Addie’s 16th birthday in the USVI and friends visit

January was a fun, easy going month for us. We got to celebrate Addie’s sweet 16, hang out with our friends on Wind Ensemble, and have our friends, Don and Melissa Marlett, on the boat for a visit. Once our battery testing was done at the marina it felt great to get back out on the water, even if we had to run the generator a lot since our batteries were shot. We spent the first two weeks in January hanging out in Brewers Bay on St. Thomas and in Rendezvous Bay on St. John. We love these two spots because the dogs can go to the beach in both spots.

Date lunch! We do not get as many of these now with the new Addie, who for some reason loves spending time with her parents. Go figure… But today, it was just Shannon and Ashley at a the beach bar at Honeymoon Beach.


Dittlyf (at Rendezvous Bay, St. John) really is Addie and the dogs happy place!

More sunset pics but only because we are reminded everyday how lucky we are to have experienced the day that we did. We say goodbye to the sun and look forward to seeing her again the next morning.

Time to sail back to St. Thomas to get Don and Mel.

We checked into Yacht Haven Grande Marina for easy pick up and provisioning. This place lives up to it’s name. We are the smallest boat at the dock. This is where David Geffen’s yacht, Rising Sun, the Jobs’ family yacht, Venus, and Nancy Walton’s (Walmart heir) yacht, Kaos all dock sometimes. These yachts are all around 300 feet.

Even the chairs are mega!

First things first, a visit to Leatherback Brewery!

First night on anchor with the Marletts, we made our way to St. John and stayed on a mooring ball at Caneel Bay. We spent the afternoon snorkeling from the boat to shore, then got all fancied up and took Addie out for the first of her Sweet 16 birthday celebrations.

If you are visiting St. John, we can highly recommend ZoZo’s. It was a memorable experience. The food, staff and atmosphere are wonderful.

Next stop, Maho on St. John. Addie and Mel’s favorite spot for paddle-boarding and turtle spotting.

It is hard to put into words all the feelings surrounding Addie’s birthday. It has been an amazing journey watching her grow and mature. As we remember back to her first birthday, which we spent in the hospital, watching her have seizure after seizure with no answers. We worried for her life. It is such a gift today to see the beautiful, smart, happy young lady who shares this adventure with us.

We had lots of fun celebrating.

Off we go, sailing around St. John, looking for more trouble to get into…

We found it at Skinny Legs bar in Coral Bay. The Leatherback beer was calling our name!

More food and drinks needed, no problem. We just happen to know a floating taco bar with craft cocktails, Limeout. This was a “have to” with Don and Mel!

Next stop, Dittlyf Beach, Rendezvous Bay on St. John. A good quiet place to hang while Don did some work and the rest of us enjoyed the beach and the water.

Another VI treasure, Pizza PI, this is a pizza boat. You order you pizza over the VHF radio and pick it up by dinghy.
Very cool.

Another amazing day!

So funny story here. Let us start with Addie is babysitting the dogs and she is the one who took these pics! Our dogs do have manners and rules. This is not typical behavior, but having said that, with Caper anything is possible!

I do not think Chance had a clue what Caper was up too.

So glad Don and Mel got to come see us. It was a great week!

Addie had birthday celebration number 3 with Kent and Kathy. Lucky girl!

We spoiled her even a little more by taking her out for one more fancy dinner with just Mom and Dad.

There might be more pics of us drinking than sunsets this month.

This is a cool little place tucked away off the main street in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas. You would have to be looking for it to find it. Story goes that 300 or so years ago there was a well known beer house or a Taphus in this same spot and all the Caribbean sailors knew to come here. One day a nobleman with plenty of money showed up and bought the whole area for his bride and renamed it Charlotte Amalie in her honor.

A momentous day on the Thompson boat. Addie’s first time shaving…

Back to Dittlyf for some more R&R.

Where we share the bay with Eos. One of the largest sailboats in the world at 93 meters.

And with our good friends Kent and Kathy on WE.

Family paddle-board ride in Maho looking for turtles!

Ashley’s craft area is becoming unruly – might be time to find a use for all these treasures she has made.

Especially since she collects more sea treasures everyday.

Addie and Ashley have their hands full trying to keep Shannon out of trouble!

So long for now from the USVI.

5 thoughts on “January 2021: Addie’s 16th birthday in the USVI and friends visit

  1. Hey guys!
    Really enjoyed this entry. I like how you gave a summary at the beginning and then went through the details. And I’m so glad to see all the celebrations for Addie’s 16th.

    Thanks for sharing the spirit of adventure and those beautiful spots.
    Aunt Brandy

  2. One of your best ever! Thank you for taking the time to do this. It really helps keeping us in touch. And the premonition about keeping Shannon out of trouble was right, but that could also apply lots of times. ❤️ Max and Julia

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