February 2019: Addie’s Birthday Trip

You will never guess what Addie asked for her birthday last month…
All she really wanted was to go see Frankie Valli perform live at the Hard Rock Hollywood Casino!
What 14 year old wants to see an 84 year old perform??? Addie is so cool!
So, Ashley and Addie came back down to the boat for a long weekend.

Ashley and Addie at dinner at Hard Rock Hollywood before the Frankie Valli show.
There is Frankie Valli in the middle on stage.
Ashley and Addie had a great time at Frankie Valli.

The next day, we sailed down to No Name to hang out for the night. Addie had a great time swimming!
Can’t ever get tired of the sunsets at Key Biscayne.
Way off in the distance you can see what is left of Stiltsville.

Before you know it, our weekend is over and Ashley and Addie are heading back to NC.

Back in NC, Addie performed for her school talent show…

This song means a lot to Addie.
Notice the video behind her? We shot that on our sail to No Name.
Thanks Kathy Meredith for helping Addie with this song!

Meanwhile, back on the boat, Caper and Chance are helping Shannon…

Chance and Caper helping wash the boat.
Caper chases the water coming out of the hose and Chance licks the water off the deck!
Shannon spent about a week installing a safety net around Aventis as well.
We did mention that Caper and Chance are Portuguese Water Dogs, right?
Caper has a very strong desire to jump in the water, plus they both run around the boat a lot, so the safety net should keep them from jumping or falling off the boat most of the time (fingers crossed).
Shannon’s office on Aventis.
Caper says “stop working and take us for a walk!”.

Coming up in March 2019: Spring Break in Bimini and Hit by a Water Spout!

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