December 2020: Fun Times in Florida and Christmas in the USVI

December has been awesome! So many wonderful adventures!

We are so very lucky to get to spend almost 4 weeks on the boat sailing around St. Thomas and St. Johns with all three of our girls. But before we could get to the boat, when we left NC, we made a pit-stop in FL for 2 days to get our COVID tests, shop, and see friends.

Our first stop after landing in Ft. Lauderdale was the covid testing center. After our tests, we made a mandatory stop at Coconuts on Fort Lauderdale Beach for Scooby snacks (crab claws soaked in a bowl of garlic butter). YUM!! Addie’s request!

After lunch we went to the beach. Much colder than the USVI!

After the beach we went to Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor for another treat.

We enjoyed our time in FL by staying at the Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood.

Margaritaville Resort is a tall building located on a small strip of land allowing for you to see the sunrise on one side of the building (picture taken from our balcony) and the sunset from the other (picture taken from Mak and Ella’s balcony).

Super excited we got to see our good friends Joffry and Diana. They even threw a party for us at our old marina with great food, drinks, and friends!

Our trip to Florida had to include a stop at the Taco Spot on Hollywood Beach before leaving for the USVI.

The flight to St. Thomas was a short 2 hours. Once we landed and arrived back to Aventis at the marina, it was off to get provisions which of course included coffee and ice cream from Scoops and Brews. Priorities!!!!

Then, it was time to pick up Caper and Chance from the doggy hotel.
Not sure who is more excited to see who…

Before sailing off, we had a great brunch on St. Thomas.

It was then time to leave the dock and explore St. Thomas and St. John by boat.

Our first stop was Brewers Beach. Caper and Ella love to go paddle boarding! On this day, they were dolphin spotting.

Caper loves to do tricks off the board for Addie.

And of course just chill with Ashley.

Chance is happy watching from the comfort of the boat!

Time for a family zoom with Ashley’s family!!

Because the girls had been to the USVI last spring, we planned some new stops for this trip. The first new stop was Buck Island off of St. Thomas. Very cool anchorage – we had a sunken ship directly under our boat! We hiked around the island too.

We never get enough of the amazing sunsets…

And Rainbows…

After leaving Buck Island, we made a pit stop for some snorkeling…

We then sailed on to St. John, where we had to dinghy to shore and visit some of our favorite places there too.

Ashley and the dogs are worn out from all the fun!!!!

“Look Mom and Dad, we are keeping your bed warm for you!”

Continuing around St. John, we made our way to Water Lemon and hiked up to the Annaberg Sugar Plantation. Addie loves sharing the history of the plantation with others.

Another great day! So much FUN having the girls on board!

We made our way to Coral Bay on the east end of St. John. Coral Bay is a quaint, artsy, quirky town. We love it!

We dinghied over to Lime Out, a floating Taco Bar with craft cocktails!
Can you say, Yummy!!

Ashley’s best birthday present – celebrating with all her girls!

And of course getting to be on this incredible adventure with my soulmate!!

Our friends, Kent and Kathy on Wind Ensemble made this video for Ashley’s birthday:

We left Coral Bay and sailed around the corner to Salt Pond where we hung out on the boat, swam with turtles, sunbathed on the beach, and took a hike.

Chance is sure he is a lap dog!

In another life, Caper was definitely a life guard.

Everything stops for sunset!

Salt Pond is this very unique anchorage on St Johns with great snorkeling, very tame turtles, and two distinctly different hikes. One of the hikes takes you to Drunk Beach. When you visit this beach it is tradition that you leave a body…

We did lots of swimming.

Even found a 6 legged starfish. The savage was good and put it back.

Ella, Addie and Caper practiced, downward facing dog.

Cuddle time!!

It is going to be a great day!

Christmas on the boat! Our tree is a bit smaller than in previous years.

A few new decorations. Ashley has been crafting again.

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Lovango Resort.

Santa found Aventis!

Mak and Ella were very creative in their wrapping, hence the raincoats and tee shirts.

We were super excited to get to see Grandma open her AI kitty that we sent her. Thanks Uncle Shawn!!!

Christmas Day was a real treat!
Santa treated us all to a day at the pool at Lovango Resort!

We sailed back to St. Thomas, rented a jeep, and took a road trip around St. Thomas. The view from Drake’s Seat looking out at Magens Bay.

We then checked out Coki Beach:

And after Coki, we made a pitstop at the Margaritaville resort for some cold drinks. They were having a cool bird show!

Our last sail before the girls have to go.
Ashley and Caper just needed some alone time on the bow.

Having the girls home with us for December was awesome! We had some great adventures sailing around St. Thomas and St. John. We will miss them!! Not sure when they will get to come back, fingers crossed in May.

With Mak and Ella on their way back to enjoy the cold and snow in Boone, there is only one thing for us to do, drink our sorrows away at Leatherback Brewery!

Unfortunately, it is not all fun and adventures. Just like any home, ours needs a little/a lot of attention and repair. Her year old batteries are giving out. They should have lasted for 10 years, so this is not right. Luckily, Jesse and Mark are helping us figure things out.

That is our bed…

While that is going on, we also have an exciting new addition to our deck –
4 new dive tanks! Yeah, now we can go diving anytime from the back of the boat or from the dinghy.

What a fun month! Boat life has changed how and when we get to see our family and friends. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our new home with those we love.

Coming up next month: Addie’s birthday in the USVI and hanging out with friends!

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