REAL TIME UPDATE: December 16, 2019: Full Time Cruising Adventure Begins

We will catch you up with what we’ve been up to since August soon, but we wanted to catch you up to “real time”.

We sold our house last week and left Hollywood, FL early the morning of December 14th to start our full time cruising adventure. Makenzie and Ella are with us until December 30th when they will fly back to North Carolina from George Town, Exuma, Bahamas. On the 14th we had a great, though rolly, sail to Bimini.

We hung out in Bimini on the 15th and then today, December 16th, we had a leisurely breakfast of fresh Bimini coconut bread french toast and bacon (in honor of Ashley’s birthday). We then had another great, short sail to Gunn Cay where we are spending the night before leaving very early in the morning for Chubb Cay. Chubb Cay is the half-way point to Eleuthra, which is where we are going to spend the next week or so before heading to Cat Island and George Town Exuma.

Today at Gunn Cay we swam with sting rays and sharks, walked the beach, snorkeled around the boat, and had a great afternoon hanging out on the boat. We will post pics soon!

You can now follow us live! Our satellite keeps our location up-to-date real time, so you can see where we are at the moment. Click on the link below to see where we are right now!

We will post pics and more info soon!
Until then, best wishes and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Bon Voyage! Sorry I miised you in Hollywood, sounds like you had a great send off! Can’t wait to catch up with you guys out there this Spring!

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